reset version number to 0.0.1; granting rights for root
[opensuse:yast-rest-service.git] / dist / yast2-webservice.spec
2009-05-19 Stefan Schubertreset version number to 0.0.1; granting rights for... MILESTONE_1.1
2009-05-15 bgeukenMerge branch 'master' of
2009-05-15 Stefan Schubertnext release
2009-05-15 Ladislav Slezakgrant org.opensuse.yast.module-manager.import right...
2009-05-07 Klaus KämpfMerge commit 'origin'; branch 'scr_refactor'
2009-05-07 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2009-05-06 Stefan Schubertcleanup in permissions
2009-04-20 Stefan Schubertadded new files; removed double entries
2009-04-17 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2009-04-16 Stefan Schubertusing rails 2.3
2009-03-31 Stefan Schubertfixed versioning
2009-03-31 Stefan Schubertupdate to new version
2009-03-02 Stefan Schubertadded tmp directory
2009-02-23 Stefan Schubertremove entries from /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf;...
2009-02-19 Stefan Schubertcleanup
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfMove pam config to rpam module as rpam.pam
2009-01-30 Stefan Schubertfixed autobuild for 64 bit
2009-01-29 Stefan Schubertupdate version
2009-01-28 J. Daniel Schmidtfixing spec file to be able to build it
2009-01-27 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pfix ruby paths
2008-12-17 Stefan Schubertavahi-utils added
2008-12-16 Stefan Schubertupdate docu
2008-12-15 Stefan Schubertrenamed again
2008-12-15 Stefan Schubertrenamed
2008-12-15 Stefan Schubertupdate to new polkit
2008-12-11 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-12-10 Stefan Schubertrunning client and server at the same time
2008-11-27 Stefan Schubertsetting db rithts correctly; updated documentation
2008-11-26 Stefan SchubertBugfixes
2008-11-26 Stefan Schubertfixes for autobuild
2008-11-26 Stefan Schubertignore warnings
2008-11-26 Stefan Schubertadded permissions in post install
2008-11-25 Stefan Schubertadded polkit and pam buildins
2008-11-25 Stefan Schubertadded rpam
2008-11-25 Stefan Schubertfixes for autobuild
2008-11-25 Stefan Schubertbuilding packages
2008-10-22 Stefan Schubertpackage stuff fixed
2008-09-16 Stefan Schubertsqlite3
2008-09-12 Stefan Schubertadded licence
2008-09-12 Stefan Schubertadd more docu for configuration
2008-09-10 Stefan Schubertdocu added
2008-09-09 Stefan Schubertmoved SCR calls to lib
2008-09-09 Stefan Schubertpackaging stuff
2008-09-09 Stefan Schubertadded package stuff