last changeTue, 7 Sep 2010 01:05:54 +0000 (18:05 -0700)
2010-09-07 jwmFix AI suspend code for platforms without support for... master
2010-09-06 jwmFix loading of AI compat script, fix USTL problem in...
2010-08-31 jwmEnable networking - downloaded content now works
2010-08-29 jwmMerge remote branch 'upstream/master'
2010-08-29 jwmGPL headers
2010-08-29 jwmSupport for loading game data from the sd card
2010-08-29 jwmAutomated build
2010-08-29 jwmDouble the pixel size + allow swiping
2010-08-29 jwmDetach exiting threads from JNI
2010-08-29 jwmRandom cleanup
2010-08-29 jwmRemove some unused files from the Android build
2010-08-29 jwmFix 32bit pixel format for Android
2010-08-29 jwmUI work: hook up touch events
2010-08-29 jwmFix issue with USTL lists that caused the process to...
2010-08-29 jwmFix bug in OpenTTD cache verification code
2010-08-29 jwmUpdate readme
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