last changeTue, 31 Dec 2013 16:13:00 +0000 (17:13 +0100)
2013-12-31 Candid DauthReplaced “analysation” with “analysis” everywhere ... master
2013-12-31 Candid DauthAdapting to new version of FacilMap
2013-12-31 Candid DauthAdapting copyright notice to new OSM license
2013-03-29 Candid DauthFixing errors with reducted versions of objects
2013-03-28 Candid DauthUsing way modification date instead of changeset openin...
2013-03-04 Candid DauthFixing exceptions after OSM API changes
2012-07-11 cdauthExplicitly using OpenLayers 2.11
2011-05-19 Candid DauthIntroducing a 10-minute timeout for queue tasks
2011-03-28 Candid DauthAbort request when objects don’t fit into memory (FS#64)
2011-02-06 Candid DauthAdding robots.txt files.
2011-02-06 Candid DauthNaming threads for better debugging.
2011-01-02 Candid DauthFix cleaning of IDs in webapps.
2011-01-02 Candid DauthCatching NumberFormatExceptions for IDs in web applications
2010-12-30 Candid DauthfomatNumber function should not trim 0s.
2010-12-30 Candid DauthFixing number formatting with GCJ.
2010-12-30 Candid DauthFixed NullPointerException in Route Manager GPX export.
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