Make SaveAs not require unsaved changes (bgo#628449)
[pdfmod:pdfmod.git] / src / PdfMod / Gui / Actions.cs
2010-08-31 Gabriel BurtMake SaveAs not require unsaved changes (bgo#628449)
2010-08-31 Gabriel BurtFirst pass at Bookmarks support
2010-08-23 Gabriel BurtFix crash with export images by escaping output path
2010-03-30 Gabriel BurtUpdate About dialog Copyright statement
2010-03-30 Gabriel BurtRefactor file chooser code
2010-03-29 Gabriel BurtCatch exceptions when inserting doc
2010-02-19 Gabriel BurtRemove gnome-sharp dep
2009-10-08 Gabriel BurtAdd Invert Selection action (BGO #597761)
2009-09-26 Gabriel BurtOnline docs now hosted on
2009-09-19 Gabriel BurtSome code style tweaks
2009-09-19 Gabriel BurtGet rid of unnecessary 'private' specifiers
2009-09-18 Gabriel BurtAvoid prompt when explicitly opening > 1 file
2009-09-18 Andreu Correa Casa... The File->Open menu can open more than one document...
2009-09-18 Gabriel BurtAdd shift-ctrl-z keybinding to Redo
2009-09-09 Gabriel BurtAdd copyright headers to all .cs files
2009-09-06 Gabriel BurtRemove superfluous this.
2009-09-05 Andreu Correa Casa... Added fullscreen view mode
2009-08-24 Gabriel BurtUpdate NEWS and AUTHORS
2009-08-13 Łukasz JernaśTranslate missing string
2009-08-11 Gabriel BurtMark some About strings for translation
2009-08-11 Gabriel BurtMassive reorganization of src/