last changeThu, 26 Apr 2012 09:41:04 +0000 (11:41 +0200)
2012-04-26 Paul A. RomboutsIt proves useful to let various functions involved... master
2012-04-23 Paul A. RomboutsOn the Linux platform, let the configure script check...
2012-04-22 Paul A. RomboutsWhen pdnsd fails to get an answer from the last server... queryallips
2012-04-19 Paul A. RomboutsMade a series a small improvements: in auth_ok() the...
2012-04-15 Paul A. RomboutsWhen resolving name servers obtained from NS records...
2012-03-17 Paul A. RomboutsBuilding pdnsd with the --enable-strict-rfc2181 option... 1.2.9a
2012-03-14 Paul A. RomboutsFixed a typo in src/dns_query.c that caused pdnsd to...
2012-02-27 Paul A. RomboutsGave the documentation some final touch-ups for the... 1.2.9
2012-02-23 Paul A. RomboutsIf a remote server replies with rcode "format error...
2012-02-20 Paul A. RomboutsIntroduced a new macro SEL_IPVER() to simplify some...
2012-02-15 Paul A. RomboutsRebuilt documentation and rebuilt configure script...
2012-01-31 Paul A. RomboutsIn preparation for the 1.2.9 release, updated the docum...
2011-07-31 Paul A. RomboutsIn cache.c, use a slightly more sophisticated merge...
2011-05-16 Paul A. RomboutsBump version to 1.2.9-beta2 compactcent 1.2.9-beta2
2011-05-11 Paul A. RomboutsMerge branch 'ednsnxdom' into compactcent
2011-05-10 Paul A. RomboutsUpdate the definitions for the NDFLAGS macro and the...
6 years ago 1.2.9a 1.2.9a-par release
6 years ago 1.2.9 1.2.9-par release
6 years ago 1.2.9-beta2 Second 1.2.9 beta release.
6 years ago 1.2.9-beta1 First 1.2.9 beta release.
6 years ago 1.2.5 1.2.5-par release
6 years ago 1.2.5a Support for ArchLinux.
6 years ago 1.2.6 1.2.6-par release
6 years ago 1.2.6a Contains fix for compilation proble...
6 years ago 1.2.7 1.2.7-par release
6 years ago 1.2.8 1.2.8-par release
6 years ago 1.2.1 1.2.1-par release
6 years ago 1.2.1d Extended debug features.
6 years ago 1.2.2 1.2.2-par release
6 years ago 1.2.3 1.2.3-par release
6 years ago 1.2.4 1.2.4-par release
6 years ago 1.1.10 1.1.10-par release
5 years ago linkedconf
5 years ago shortcache
5 years ago trustaa
5 years ago master
6 years ago queryallips
6 years ago fastinexclude
6 years ago compactcent
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