last changeThu, 4 Oct 2012 19:17:22 +0000 (14:17 -0500)
2012-10-04 James M. Jensen IIStrings can now span multiple lines. master
2012-09-11 James M. Jensen IIChanged invocation.
2012-03-07 James M. Jensen IIChanged indentation.
2012-02-28 James M. Jensen IIAdded Waero configure script.
2011-08-13 James M. Jensen is now executable. 0.x v0.23.2
2011-08-09 James M. Jensen IIFixed a bug with user-inputted print()-ing.
2011-08-09 James M. Jensen IIAdded helper functions: println, help, and credits. v0.23
2011-08-09 James M. Jensen IINow uses Term::ReadLine.
2011-08-09 James M. Jensen IIBrace and quote counting seem to be working now. v0.12
2011-08-09 James M. Jensen IIInitial commit.
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