last changeSat, 3 Apr 2010 21:12:33 +0000 (09:12 +1200)
2010-04-03 Ben CooksleyIf asked to seek and not playing, cache it for when... master
2010-04-03 Ben CooksleyDon't tell the application about minor changes in the...
2010-04-03 Ben CooksleyFix slot mis-specification
2010-04-03 Ben CooksleyUse proper seek status changed event to be more efficie...
2010-04-03 Ben CooksleyUse a more reasonable default audio level, which doesn...
2010-04-03 Ben CooksleyEmit the needed states if we encounter an error
2010-04-02 Ben CooksleyEnsure the volume is set when playback commences
2010-04-02 Ben CooksleyEnsure later metadata updates are communicated
2010-04-02 Ben CooksleyFix changing volume, and cleanup code (remove externs)
2010-04-02 Ben CooksleySolve issue where Phonon-VLC would cease playback after...
2010-04-02 Ben CooksleyFix gapless playback methods to work properly
2010-04-02 Ben CooksleyAdd debug output.
2010-04-02 Ben CooksleyCompile++
2010-04-02 Ben CooksleyRemove no-op
2010-04-02 Ben CooksleyConnect to the events provided by libvlc_media_t instan...
2010-03-31 Ben CooksleyDon't connect multiple times to VLC events
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8 years ago master