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2015-02-22 Laurent ClaessensRemove a comment and a test master
2015-02-22 Laurent Claessens'orthogonal_trough' takes into account the case in...
2015-02-21 Laurent ClaessensCompute the math_BB in DrawGraph
2015-02-21 Laurent Claessens'BoundingBox' objects have a boolean attribute 'math...
2015-02-20 Laurent Claessenscentral symmetry of a segment.
2015-02-16 Laurent ClaessensCircleAB
2015-02-15 Laurent Claessenstypo
2015-02-15 Laurent ClaessensComment est-ce possible que ce bug ne se manifeste...
2015-02-15 Laurent ClaessensRemove some debug tests
2015-02-15 Laurent Claessensadvised_mark_angle --> _advised_mark_angle
2015-02-15 Laurent Claessens'no_symbol' function to remove the 'x' symbol on the...
2015-02-14 Laurent Claessensbug fix
2015-02-14 Laurent Claessens'added_angle' allows to put mark with 'angle=None,added...
2015-02-14 Laurent Claessenscosmetics
2015-02-14 Laurent Claessenstake into account the case in which pspict is a list.
2015-02-12 Laurent Claessens'GraphOfAnAngle' has now a method that gives the visual...
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