* use Backend term in place of Package as it suits better
[plasma-media-center:mainline.git] / applets / mediabrowser / mediabrowser.cpp
2010-06-09 adiaferia* use Backend term in place of Package as it suits...
2010-05-23 colingerCommitting patch form reviewboard (4050) This puts...
2010-05-18 colingerMerging Christophe Olinger's git repo: reviewboard...
2010-04-08 adiaferiainitial commit for state-stuff patch by Christophe...
2009-09-15 adiaferiaactually sync the config
2009-09-14 adiaferiainteractively update the view at model changes
2009-09-13 adiaferiafinally correctly load the model and draw the items
2009-09-11 adiaferiaload the proper plugin on demand
2009-09-11 adiaferiaa more sane model codebase for browsing plugins
2009-09-11 adiaferiaremove some code from the mediabrowser since it has...
2009-09-08 adiaferiaa startup model that shows the available plugins to...
2009-09-08 adiaferiatest plugin loading
2009-08-18 adiaferiadirectly connect the browser with the playlist when...
2009-08-17 adiaferiadelete the model only when needed - this fixes a crash
2009-08-16 adiaferiaallow setting slideshow time
2009-08-12 adiaferiaa little of scrollbar fix
2009-08-12 adiaferiaallow basic key navigation for listview
2009-08-10 adiaferiachoose between blurred and plain text
2009-08-08 adiaferiaallow going back in folder navigation
2009-08-08 adiaferiause Plasma::ToolButton for the navigation stuff
2009-08-05 adiaferiasome graphics fixes
2009-08-01 adiaferiaprettify highlighting animation for future improvements
2009-07-27 adiaferiabasic navigation allowed for the browser
2009-07-20 adiaferiamove code underneath