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last changeMon, 8 Oct 2012 01:37:36 +0000 (20:37 -0500)
2012-10-08 Nick DalyMerge branch 'master' of master
2012-10-08 Nick DalyCreated link issue.
2012-10-08 Nick DalyAdded default pidfile.
2012-10-06 Nick DalyMerge pull request #5 from jvalleroy/master
2012-10-05 James ValleroyFix host cfg and print on startup
2012-09-23 Nick DalyCustomize host in
2012-08-07 bnewboldfix test comments (thx nick daly)
2012-07-26 bnewboldupdate .gitignore
2012-07-26 bnewbolduse permissions for exmachina socket
2012-07-26 bnewbolduse exmachina to configure timezone
2012-07-26 bnewboldadd exmachina HOWTO
2012-07-26 bnewboldupdates/improvements to exmachina
2012-07-13 bnewboldintegrate exmachina configuration management layer
2012-03-12 Sean O'Brienjust making sure I can push to this repo
2012-03-12 Sean O'Brienfixes to boostrap, new icons, mobile view works
2012-03-12 Sean O'Brienpushing changes to the theme before I modify modules
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