last changeTue, 30 Nov 2010 10:54:28 +0000 (12:54 +0200)
2010-11-30 Gabriel SchulhofFixing some warnings and adding intl.h (forgot) master
2010-11-07 Gabriel SchulhofAdding backup and CUD/RFS support
2010-11-06 Gabriel SchulhofImproving localized package name/description
2010-11-04 Gabriel SchulhofRemoving signal handlers to prevent crashes
2010-11-04 Gabriel SchulhofAdding backup configuration
2010-11-04 Gabriel SchulhofAdding Italian translation. Thanks Stefano!
2010-11-03 Gabriel SchulhofMinor change to Polish and postinst that kills hildon...
2010-11-03 Gabriel SchulhofRemove borders from query list dialog
2010-11-03 Gabriel SchulhofTranslating "(No queries)" some
2010-11-03 Gabriel SchulhofAdding "(No Queries)" empty-indication
2010-11-02 Gabriel SchulhofFinishing GKeyFile re-write and adding translations...
2010-11-01 Gabriel SchulhofMore renaming and preparing for switch to GKeyFile
2010-10-31 Gabriel SchulhofRenaming
2010-10-31 Gabriel SchulhofAdding N_COLS to enum
2010-10-30 Gabriel SchulhofConverting Norwegian translation to UTF-8
2010-10-24 Gabriel SchulhofAdding Norwegian translation
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