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2010-05-12 frankeA simple workflow that distinguishes between production... master
2010-05-12 frankeScript and job to pull SAP version and load information...
2010-05-01 Adam Spiersmake indentation consistent
2010-04-12 Adam Spierscount expiry of directories separately to non-directories
2010-04-12 Adam Spiersclean-up directories where the only remaining entry...
2010-04-12 Adam Spierscosmetic clean-ups
2010-04-12 Adam Spiersdon't force python-mode
2010-03-11 Adam Spiersupdate schedule for PSO 2.x ('zosSystem' user was renam...
2010-03-11 Adam Spiersadd todo list
2010-03-11 Adam Spiersmake default expiry output consistent with per-director...
2010-03-11 Adam Spiersadd README
2010-03-11 Adam Spiersfix expiry filename in docstring
2010-03-11 Adam Spiersdepict links with [link]
2010-03-11 Adam Spiersmake/keep ages human-readable
2010-03-10 Adam Spiers'list' mode should show default expiry value from fact
2010-03-10 Adam Spiersadd admin-only check for CleanupEnabled
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