last changeTue, 2 Nov 2010 17:17:42 +0000 (18:17 +0100)
2010-11-02 Martin Gyselspecial view added, not finished yet master
2010-11-02 Martin Gyselone widget re-factored into this file
2010-11-01 bearshonly print changes
2010-11-01 Martin Gyselsome hacks regarding the message tab, not finished...
2010-11-01 Martin Gyselonly for debugging, also prints statistics and status
2010-11-01 Martin GyselextID check box added
2010-11-01 Martin Gyselsome properties added but not sure if I want to set...
2010-10-29 Martin Gyselanother widget to send data
2010-10-29 Martin Gyseladded, ignore *.pyc
2010-10-28 Martin Gyselsending and receiving of msg now possible
2010-10-28 Martin Gyselupdated
2010-10-28 Martin Gyseladded
2010-10-28 Martin Gyselpolling thread for the can interface as the callback...
2010-10-22 bearshdon't do too much in the gui builder...
2010-10-21 Martin Gyseluse *.pyw for guis
2010-10-21 Martin Gyselsimple 'gui-showing' script
7 years ago master