last changeSun, 18 Sep 2011 11:32:31 +0000 (12:32 +0100)
2011-09-18 Louis Tayloradded single word output option master
2011-09-18 Louis Tayloradded an option to always exit with error code 0
2011-09-04 Louis Taylormade the verbose option print the exception raised
2011-09-04 Louis Taylormade the applet work a bit better, added menu
2011-09-03 Louis Tayloradded distutils stuff, made finding icons a bit better
2011-09-03 Louis Taylorstarted the applet
2011-09-03 Louis Tayloradded nice option
2011-09-03 Louis Tayloradded verbose option
2011-09-03 Louis Taylormain command line program (pychi) up and running
2011-09-03 Louis Taylorjiggled around some more, renamed => checkU...
2011-09-03 Louis Taylorjiggled around libpychi
2011-09-03 Louis Taylorfixed horrid bug with the or statement
2011-09-03 Louis Taylormade the internet class threaded
2011-09-03 Louis Taylorinternet class working
2011-09-03 Louis Taylorstarted writing the internet class
2011-09-03 Louis Taylorinitial project structure
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