last changeSun, 19 Feb 2012 18:53:41 +0000 (20:53 +0200)
2012-02-19 Christophe... Add README file explaining the move to github master
2012-02-19 Christophe... Remove all files
2012-02-18 Christophe... Prevent log window buffer from filling up (Closes ...
2012-02-18 Christophe... Fix torrent import dialog layout (Closes #930932)
2012-02-18 Christophe... Add Cmd+Delete shortcut to delete a torrent (Mac OS X)
2012-02-18 Christophe... Update Changelog
2012-02-18 Christophe... Drop support for libtorrent v0.14.x
2012-02-18 Christophe... Remove misc::time_tToQString()
2012-02-18 Christophe... Remove misc::chmod644() function
2012-02-18 Christophe... Remove unused code
2012-02-18 Christophe... Remove misc::removeEmptyFolder()
2012-02-18 Christophe... Remove misc::safeRemove(): shouldn't be needed
2012-02-16 Christophe... misc: Remove duplicate function to branch a path
2012-02-16 Christophe... Optimize converter between QString and sha1_hash
2012-02-16 Christophe... Code clean up
2012-02-16 Christophe... Remove unused code
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