Move getStatus and getDeviceNumber to qcdemu.cpp. It doesn't make sense to keep them...
[qcdemu:qcdemu.git] / qcdemu.cpp
2010-01-03 Michał ZiąbkowskiMove getStatus and getDeviceNumber to qcdemu.cpp. It...
2010-01-03 Michał ZiąbkowskiRecoded to utf8, so my name displays nicely.
2010-01-03 Michał ZiąbkowskiUpdated copyrights.
2009-12-22 Michał ZiąbkowskiRemoved some code duplication with hints about daemon...
2009-12-22 Michał ZiąbkowskiRefactored some if-else statements into ternary operators.
2009-11-21 Michał ZiąbkowskiMove guessing the bus and checking the version to separ... 0.2.3
2009-11-20 Michał ZiąbkowskiFixed auto-detection logic and copied it to smart-mount.
2009-11-19 Michał ZiąbkowskiFixed copyrights and description.
2009-11-19 Michał ZiąbkowskiFixed bad comment.
2009-11-19 Michał ZiąbkowskiRemoved faulty workaround. Fixed smart mount logic.
2009-11-19 Michał ZiąbkowskiSimplified smart mount.
2009-11-19 Michał ZiąbkowskiIndentation fix
2009-11-19 Michał ZiąbkowskiImplemented bus auto-detection.
2009-11-19 Michał ZiąbkowskiRefactored DBus initialization code.
2009-08-31 Michał ZiąbkowskiUpdate docs, translation and move version checking. 0.2.2
2009-08-31 Michał ZiąbkowskiTag QCDemu 0.2.2.
2008-07-23 Michał ZiąbkowskiRewrote some code, so it works with cdemud 1.1.0. Clean... 0.2
2008-06-02 Michał ZiąbkowskiAdded copyright notices and readme. 0.1
2008-04-30 Michał ZiąbkowskiDon't show Recent, if the list is empty.
2008-04-30 Michał ZiąbkowskiKilled qDebug
2008-04-30 Michał ZiąbkowskiMoved About action. Updated translation.
2008-04-30 Michał ZiąbkowskiIntroduced Recent images. Removed some duplicated DBus...
2008-04-30 Michał ZiąbkowskiRemoved superfluous headers
2008-04-30 Michał ZiąbkowskiClean-up. Consts and refs.
2008-04-29 Michał ZiąbkowskiMoved getStatus and getDeviceNumber to header as getters.
2008-04-29 Michał ZiąbkowskiMoved setNotify to header
2008-04-29 Michał ZiąbkowskiIntroduced enums to make code more beautiful. Added...
2008-04-29 Michał ZiąbkowskiFixed mimelnk and added applnk
2008-04-29 Michał ZiąbkowskiReenabled translations. Fixed defines. Injected some...
2008-04-29 Michał ZiąbkowskiAdded some defines, updated the translation. Played...
2008-04-28 Michał ZiąbkowskiThis seems nicer.
2008-04-28 Michał ZiąbkowskiBail out if DBus isn't accessible. Disable left click...
2008-04-28 Michał ZiąbkowskiMoved some more duplicate code to a func.
2008-04-28 Michał ZiąbkowskiRemoved an icon I didn't use in the end. Fixed uninitia...
2008-04-28 Michał ZiąbkowskiMissed one filetype. Fixed.
2008-04-28 Michał ZiąbkowskiAdded command-line support
2008-04-28 Michał ZiąbkowskiMoved settings loading to separate function
2008-04-28 Michał ZiąbkowskiOverloaded constructor for future command-line processi...
2008-04-28 Michał ZiąbkowskiChanged some func names. Put away file dialog to separa...
2008-04-27 Michał ZiąbkowskiRevamped mount system. Added auto-mounting (without...
2008-04-27 Michał ZiąbkowskiOops, deleted too much.
2008-04-27 Michał ZiąbkowskiAnother memleak fixed. That should be the last one.
2008-04-27 Michał ZiąbkowskiSome more clean-up
2008-04-27 Michał ZiąbkowskiMoved some declarations around.
2008-04-26 Michał ZiąbkowskiAdded back switching buses on the fly. Don't know if...
2008-04-26 Michał ZiąbkowskiInitial revision