last changeFri, 16 Nov 2012 17:35:01 +0000 (15:35 -0200)
2012-11-16 Sandro S. AndradeUse explicit constructor in qcmassemblytoolview.h master
2012-06-12 Sandro S. AndradeUsing constants for mode id and type
2012-03-13 Sandro S. AndradeFixing include in template
2012-03-13 Sandro S. AndradeFixing templates
2012-03-13 Sandro S. AndradeFixing qcmprojectmanager .pro
2012-03-13 Sandro S. AndradeFixing krazy errors
2012-03-13 Sandro AndradeFixing krazy errors
2012-03-11 Sandro AndradeChanging qcmprojectmanager to follow qt creator project...
2012-03-11 Sandro AndradeFixing plugins
2011-08-18 Sandro Santos... Improving templates
2011-08-18 Sandro Santos... Improving plugins .pro files
2011-08-17 Sandro Santos... Adding installation of templates
2011-08-11 Sandro Santos... Fixing bug in assembly view
2011-08-11 Sandro Santos... Fixing assembly tool mode
2011-08-11 Sandro Santos... Modifying project manager pro file
2011-08-11 Sandro Santos... Initial commit
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