2010-10-21 Corentin Charyqcommandline 0.2.0 qcommandline-0.2.0
2010-09-24 Corentin Charycmake: add win32 installer
2010-09-23 Corentin Charyqcommandline: preserve switch and option order
2010-09-23 Corentin Charyqcommandline: really handle stacked args
2010-09-23 Corentin Charyqcommandline: use a pointer for private struct
2010-09-23 Corentin Charypkg: fix install prefix
2010-07-17 Corentin Charycmake: s/qjson/qcommandline/
2010-06-17 Corentin Charydoc: include and ship the documentation
2010-06-17 Corentin Charyqcommandline: add missing documentation
2010-06-17 Corentin Charyqcommandline: remove implicit char * -> QString cast
2010-06-17 Corentin Charyqcommandline: big packed commit (will never happen...
2010-06-14 Corentin Charycmake: setup cpack
2010-06-14 Corentin Charyqcommandline: better --help output
2010-04-26 Corentin Charydoc: write some documentation
2010-04-26 Corentin Charycmake: fix pkg_check_module call
2010-04-23 Corentin CharyAdd a small TODO list
2010-04-23 Corentin Charyargc, argv init: it will probably works better now :p
2010-04-21 Corentin CharyInitial commit