last changeTue, 13 Sep 2011 11:12:40 +0000 (14:12 +0300)
2011-09-13 Juha Riihimäkiadd n00 to makefile master
2011-09-13 Juha Riihimäkiadd n00.c
2011-09-13 Juha Riihimäkiadd n00 skin
2011-09-02 Juha Riihimäkinseries: fix n800/n810 setup
2011-06-23 Peter Maydellexec-all.h: Make MAX_OP_PER_INSTR large enough for...
2011-06-20 Riku VoipioRemove qword argument support
2011-06-14 Riku Voipioadd carkit analog control registers
2011-06-14 Peter Maydellhw/spi.c: Remove debug tracing about unattached devices
2011-06-14 Peter Maydellhw/beagle.c: Wire up DDC on I2C bus
2011-06-14 Peter Maydellhw/i2c-ddc.c: Implement DDC I2C slave
2011-06-14 Peter Maydellhw/usb-hid.c: Register keyboard handler in init, not...
2011-06-14 Peter Maydellhw/usb-musb.c: Pass parent device through to usb_bus_new()
2011-06-14 Peter Maydellhw/omap3: Instantiate OHCI USB controller
2011-06-14 Peter Maydellhw/usb-ohci.c: Ignore writes to HcPeriodCurrentED register
2011-06-14 Peter Maydellhw/omap_intc.c: Don't complain about nonexistent regist...
2011-06-14 Peter Maydelllinux-user: Dummy implementation of prlimit64 to avoid...
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8 years ago 0.12.50-0sb3
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