last changeWed, 29 Jun 2011 12:26:37 +0000 (15:26 +0300)
2011-06-29 Samppa KaartinenSymbian: Removed extra feedback from ToolButton master
2011-06-29 Samppa KaartinenSymbian: Fix for tab switch redraw bug
2011-06-29 Samuel NevalaFix line ends
2011-06-29 Sami KananojaSymbian: StatusBar auto tests fixed
2011-06-29 Sami KananojaSymbian: Power save mode indicator added to StatusBar
2011-06-29 Torsten RahnFixes: NB#265575 - QML API to disable/enable swipe
2011-06-29 Sergiy DubovikUpdated debian changelog.
2011-06-29 Taneli HaverinenSymbian: ToolTip layout changes
2011-06-29 Taneli HaverinenSymbian: Updated separator color for inverted ListItem
2011-06-29 Taneli HaverinenSymbian: New graphics files for popup inverted frame
2011-06-29 Sami KananojaSymbian: Menu fixed to work better with dynamic content
2011-06-28 shrkulkaComponentTest: Added test case for SearchBox
2011-06-28 shrkulkaApiCheck: Added tests for SearchBox
2011-06-28 shrkulkaSymbian: Added SearchBox to extras
2011-06-28 Taneli HaverinenSymbian: Changed componenttest text labels to follow...
2011-06-28 Taneli HaverinenSymbian: Added Label for componenttest
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