last changeFri, 29 Oct 2010 21:58:42 +0000 (18:58 -0300)
2010-10-29 Eduardo M.... MDeclarativeIcon: Use item size to render pixmaps accor... master
2010-10-29 Eduardo M.... Themebridge primitives: Use synchronous MTheme::pixmap...
2010-10-26 Leonardo Sobral... Remove hard-coded screen resolutions
2010-10-25 Leonardo Sobral... Renamed Meego SwitchButton property from "enabled"...
2010-10-25 Leonardo Sobral... Add xdamage pkg_config to
2010-10-20 Caio Marcelo... MeeGo Touch: demonstrate alternate spinner style
2010-10-20 Caio Marcelo... MeeGo Touch: allow specify parent class name in StyleWr...
2010-10-18 Jerome PasionDoc: Added LineEdit snippet and started LineEdit docume...
2010-10-15 Jerome PasionDoc: Updated Button and Label documentation.
2010-10-15 Jerome PasionDoc: Added Button snippets. Created snippet directory.
2010-10-15 Jerome PasionDoc: Moved doc files to accomodate snippet directory.
2010-10-15 Jerome PasionAdded padding into the header.LGPL.
2010-10-13 Jerome PasionAdded LGPL and BSD header.
2010-10-12 Jerome PasionAdded qdocconf file for generating HTML documentation.
2010-10-08 Gabriel de... Fix non running candybar animation in ProgressBar component
2010-10-07 Jerome PasionGrouped similar properties.
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