2009-10-13 Roberto RaggiRename the given enumerator. 1.3.0-beta v1.3.0-beta
2009-10-13 Thorbjørn LindeijerFixed a crash on exit when include files are still...
2009-10-13 Roberto RaggiHandle ambiguous AST nodes.
2009-10-12 hjkfix a few license headers
2009-10-12 conCopy updated changes file.
2009-10-12 Daniel MolkentinFixes to tutorial, added missing screenshots.
2009-10-12 Daniel Molkentindocs: Compile Fixes, Fixups in addressbook example
2009-10-12 conMissing bookkeeping when removing Qt Versions.
2009-10-12 dtFix bug with importanting a build with an not yet exist...
2009-10-09 Daniel MolkentinUpdate known issues
2009-10-09 conStart on documentation for Qt for Symbian development...
2009-10-09 conFix bug when detecting S60 SDKs the first time.
2009-10-09 conAdd both "debug" and "release" build configurations...
2009-10-09 Robert LoehningS60 -> Symbian for visible strings
2009-10-09 Robert LoehningS60 -> Symbian for visible strings, fixed missing one
2009-10-09 Rohan McGovernFixed transient compile failure with highly parallel...
2009-10-09 Daniel MolkentinRemove cygwin options now that we have a GDB which...
2009-10-09 Daniel MolkentinS60 -> Symbian for visible strings
2009-10-09 Robert LoehningTrk: Removed unneeded header.
2009-10-09 Robert LoehningTrk: Protected TrkWriteQueue::slotHandleResult with...
2009-10-09 Sergey BelyashovRussian translation update.
2009-10-09 conXCode style keyboard shortcut layout should use some...
2009-10-09 conEnable multi key shortcuts on the Mac.
2009-10-09 conDebugger: Do configuration error checking early on.
2009-10-09 conNaming of run configurations.
2009-10-09 dtFix handling of spacers on Projects pane
2009-10-09 dtRemove debugging output
2009-10-09 dtFix crash on cloning and removing buildconfigurations
2009-10-09 dtMake a function out of duplicated code.
2009-10-08 hjkdebugger: fix pid parsing on mac
2009-10-08 hjkdebugger: fix remote debugging
2009-10-08 ckSome work towards functioning remote debugging
2009-10-08 Robert LoehningTrk: Closing TrkDevice when Launcher emits finished()
2009-10-08 Erik VerbruggenFixed refactoring when the cursor is at the end of...
2009-10-08 Friedemann... I18N: Change namespaces (Core::Utils, etc) in ts files.
2009-10-08 Friedemann... Debugger: Improve adapter error handling
2009-10-07 conAdapt to new packaging system in Qt for Symbian.
2009-10-07 Daniel MolkentinFirst set of documentation updates for Qt Creator 1.3.
2009-10-07 Daniel Molkentin"Path to QMake" -> "QMake Location".
2009-10-07 Roberto RaggiFind the canonical virtual method.
2009-10-07 Roberto RaggiRun the binder before searching strong and weak references.
2009-10-07 Roberto RaggiRemoved the MacroResolver
2009-10-07 Roberto RaggiUse CTRL+SHIFT+U as shortcut for the `Find Usages of...
2009-10-07 Roberto RaggiSearch for possible forward classes.
2009-10-07 Roberto RaggiRemoved (unused) toplevel declaration of _translationUnit.
2009-10-07 hjkdebugger: remove ambiguous shortcut
2009-10-07 hjkdebugger: disable l&w 'alternative formats' submenu...
2009-10-07 Friedemann... Changelog 1.3.0
2009-10-07 Friedemann... Debugger: Fix crash toggling Stack/"Derefence Pointers...
2009-10-07 Daniel MolkentinFix tip to be true on Mac OS X.
2009-10-07 Erik VerbruggenRegenerated the JS parser to incorporate a bug fix.
2009-10-07 hjkdebugger: escape from an unexpected state
2009-10-06 Roberto RaggiUse the existing text editor when refactoring text.
2009-10-06 Roberto RaggiShow a warning message when using global renaming.
2009-10-06 Roberto RaggiReturn the class declaration as canonical symbol for...
2009-10-06 Friedemann... CDB: Fix step into, improve multithread dumping, except...
2009-10-06 Daniel MolkentinMake __int64 valid for MSVC in the code model.
2009-10-06 Daniel MolkentinCentralize S60 check, also use it for adding the GDB...
2009-10-06 Daniel MolkentinRemove obsolete code.
2009-10-06 Friedemann... Trk/S60: Determine symbol file correctly.
2009-10-06 conMerge commit 'origin/1.3' into 1.3.0-beta
2009-10-06 maeFix restoring of editor state when loading a file
2009-10-06 Roberto RaggiCheck ctor-initializers.
2009-10-06 Robert LoehningTrk: Checking result of TrkCloseFile
2009-10-06 maeFix repaint issue with collapsed blocks
2009-10-06 maeFix collapsed block indicator
2009-10-06 maeFix (un)collapse all
2009-10-06 Roberto RaggiSearch for possible uses of local symbols in template...
2009-10-06 hjkdebugger: fix frame switching when using core files
2009-10-06 hjkdebugger: add option to automatically derefence pointer...
2009-10-06 hjkdebugger: make stringFromByte local
2009-10-06 hjkdebugger: remove duplicated variable
2009-10-06 hjkdebugger: update registers when switching stack frames
2009-10-06 hjkdebugger: rework fetching of memory from device
2009-10-06 Robert LoehningTrk: Fixed init of Laucher for debugging
2009-10-05 Robert LoehningTrk: Checking result of TrkInstallFile.
2009-10-05 maeFix repaint issue with collapsed blocks
2009-10-05 Erik VerbruggenFixed possible null-pointer dereference.
2009-10-05 Roberto RaggiImproved template instantiation.
2009-10-05 Roberto RaggiDon't look at formal arguments.
2009-10-05 Roberto RaggiRestore the state of QObject::blockSignals()
2009-10-05 conIntroduced an overload of reportResult() that can deal...
2009-10-05 Roberto RaggiEnsure the user can stop a semantic search and added...
2009-10-05 Roberto RaggiSearch for possible references in template arguments.
2009-10-05 Roberto RaggiHighlight unused symbols.
2009-10-05 Robert LoehningTrk: Controlling Launcher using an enum.
2009-10-05 maeFix collapsed block indicator
2009-10-05 maeFix (un)collapse all
2009-10-05 Daniel MolkentinRemove leftover QTCREATOR_FROM_S60 ifdef from ProjectEx...
2009-10-05 Roberto RaggiRenamed `awesome' :)
2009-10-05 dtRemove variable that is never set but used.
2009-10-05 dtMerge branch '1.3' of git@scm.dev.nokia.troll.no:creato...
2009-10-05 dtFix build & run for projects without buildsteps
2009-10-05 dtDon't add build steps for projects without buildconfigu...
2009-10-05 Roberto RaggiRemoved the m_ prefix used in the public members of...
2009-10-05 dtDisplay the name of custom process stesps on the projec...
2009-10-05 Roberto RaggiPerform renaming.
2009-10-05 Erik VerbruggenFixed possible null-pointer dereference.
2009-10-05 Erik VerbruggenAdded protocol & class definedness checks, and added...
2009-10-05 Erik VerbruggenFixed type checking for type definitions inside an...