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last changeWed, 10 Sep 2014 10:08:16 +0000 (13:08 +0300)
2014-09-10 Gatis PaeglisFix layout issues in touchgallery. master
2014-09-10 Andy NicholsShow network error message
2014-09-10 Gatis PaeglisRead shader files from qml
2014-09-10 Lasse RäihäAdded pinch-feature to the main-screen and fixed font...
2014-09-10 Lasse RäihäSupport to use qt5.3 and QQmlApplicationEngine.
2014-09-10 Lasse RäihäChanged QtQuick 2.0 -> 2.2
2014-09-10 Lasse RäihäFixed visibility of the text-area.
2014-09-10 Lasse RäihäFixed crash-bug when exit radio. One radio channel...
2014-05-20 Caroline ChaoiOS: prepare for the App Store
2014-04-01 Pasi PetäjäjärviRemove incorrect assingment of QUrl to bool
2014-03-27 Samuli Piipporadio: update working radio channel
2013-12-09 Lasse RäihäFixed some bugs for Qt5.2
2013-09-02 Kimmo OllilaAdded missing shaders-demo files to resources
2013-09-02 Paul Olav TveteUse qrc instead of assets
2013-06-19 Kimmo OllilaFixed radio crash on application close
2013-06-19 Lasse RäihäRemoved tweetsearch. Fixed helpsreen. Added characters.
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