last changeWed, 27 Apr 2011 11:01:17 +0000 (13:01 +0200)
2011-04-27 axisFixes for the second final push (the first one failed). master
2011-04-26 axisThe fixes needed to do the final push.
2011-04-22 Marius Storm... Remove Qt Mobility demos from Qt
2011-04-22 Marius Storm... Rebase ontop of latest master
2011-04-22 Marius Storm... Install and enable usage of module specific private...
2011-04-13 Marius Storm... Make sure we install syncqt, so it's usable with extern...
2011-04-13 Olivier GoffartDefine the QT_NO_XXXX when required
2011-04-12 Marius Storm... Rebase ontop of current master
2011-04-12 Prasanth UllattilFix for headersclean autotest build error on Mac
2011-04-12 Sergio AhumadaPulse: Add `QT_MODULE_TO_TEST' environment variable...
2011-04-08 axisCreated a convenience script to initialize the qt5...
2011-04-07 Marius Storm... Graft each repo after the split
2011-04-07 Marius Storm... Add script to graft a repo based on commit message
2011-04-07 Marius Storm... Add branched SHA1 to the end of the initial import...
2011-04-07 axisMade sure we close the file handle for the sync.profile.
2011-04-07 axisRevert "Desperate attempt to workaround meaningless...
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