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2012-11-16 Wes BarichakDOCS: Added code snippets to sensors APIs master
2012-11-02 Bernd WeimerQNX: Removed QtMobilitySimulator library from simulator...
2012-09-27 Thomas McGuireBlackberry: Avoid expensive close() and open() just...
2012-09-21 Thomas McGuireBlackberry: Fix calculation of compass azimuth with...
2012-08-27 Thomas McGuireUpdate .gitignore
2012-08-27 Thomas McGuirePass through invalid data rates to the backend instead...
2012-08-24 Thomas McGuireProvide d-pointers for QSensor subclasses in a differen...
2012-08-23 Thomas McGuireRevert "QSensor: Use standard Qt dpointer pattern"
2012-08-23 Thomas McGuireBlackberry: Fix potential division by zero.
2012-08-08 Thomas McGuireBlackberry: Use real compass sensor if available
2012-08-08 Thomas McGuireReplace function call with locally available variable
2012-08-02 Thomas McGuireFix AxesOrientationMode enum not working in QML.
2012-08-02 Thomas McGuireAdd documentaiton for the new axes remapping properties...
2012-08-02 Thomas McGuireBlackberry: Use new orientation handling API
2012-08-02 Thomas McGuireIntroduce a QOrientableSensorBase class.
2012-07-31 Rafael RoquettoFix tests on windows
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