2014-03-20 Christian StrømmeUpdate the AndroidManifest v5.3.0-beta1
2014-03-20 Christian StrømmeAdd test for isClassAvailable()
2014-03-18 Christian StrømmeFix documentation for QAndroidJniObject
2014-03-03 Sergio AhumadaFix typo
2014-02-24 Christian StrømmeFix includes in qandroidactivityresultreceiver.h v5.3.0-alpha1
2014-02-20 Christian StrømmeAdd QAndroidActivityResultReceiver to the documentation.
2014-02-15 Eskil Abrahamsen... Add API for starting intents
2014-02-13 Christian StrømmeAdd non-template version of QAndroidJniObject::object()
2014-02-13 Christian StrømmeAdd non-templated versions of get[Static]ObjectField()
2014-02-07 Christian StrømmeAdd API to get the Android API level
2014-02-07 Christian StrømmeAdd new method to get the main Android activity.
2014-01-27 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2014-01-27 Christian StrømmeFix for some typos in the QAndroidJniObject documentation. old/5.2
2014-01-17 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2014-01-16 Sergio AhumadaBump MODULE_VERSION to 5.2.2
2013-12-16 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-12-13 VenuDoc: Updated the qdocconf to include .java files
2013-12-13 Alex BlascheFix non-compiling doc snippets.
2013-12-12 Christian StrømmeRemove stray curly bracket in QAndroidJniObject's docum...
2013-11-29 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-11-26 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release' into...
2013-11-25 Sergio AhumadaBump MODULE_VERSION to 5.2.1
2013-11-21 Christian StrømmeAdd examplesinstallpath in qdocconf v5.2.0 v5.2.0-rc1
2013-11-21 Eskil Abrahamsen... Fix license headers in example
2013-11-12 Eskil Abrahamsen... Update AndroidManifest.xml in example
2013-11-08 Sergio AhumadaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-11-07 Christian StrømmeFix note about jni references in documentation.
2013-11-07 Christian StrømmeFix bug in code snippet.
2013-11-06 Jerome PasionDoc: Updated url variable in qdocconf files.
2013-10-29 Christian StrømmeUpdate documentation
2013-10-16 Christian StrømmeRemoved JNI_OnLoad() as it's no longer needed. v5.2.0-beta1
2013-10-15 Sergio AhumadaMerge branch 'stable' into dev
2013-10-10 Christian StrømmeRename QJNIXxx classes to QAndroidJniXxx.
2013-10-08 Jerome PasionDoc: Adding "qtdoc" to the depends qdocconf variable.
2013-10-02 Stephen KellyTest the generated cmake files.
2013-09-27 Sergio AhumadaUpdate the git-archive export options
2013-09-26 Topi ReinioDoc: Enable running 'make docs' on non-android platforms
2013-09-25 Christian StrømmeRemove JNI_OnLoad() from the example. v5.2.0-alpha1
2013-09-25 Eskil Abrahamsen... Add missing files for example
2013-09-25 Christian StrømmeCheck for the qml module before building the notificati...
2013-09-25 Sergio AhumadaMerge branch 'stable' into dev
2013-09-25 Sergio AhumadaBump qtandroidextras version to 5.3.0
2013-09-23 Eskil Abrahamsen... Fix infinite recursion in QJNIObject::getStaticField...
2013-09-23 Yoann LopesAdded QJNIObject auto test.
2013-09-23 Yoann LopesAdded QJNIEnvironment auto test.
2013-09-23 Christian StrømmeImprove documentation.
2013-09-23 Eskil Abrahamsen... Add example of JNI API
2013-09-23 Sergio AhumadaUpdate Licenses from qtbase#stable
2013-09-23 Christian StrømmeAdd guard to disable other platforms then Android
2013-09-20 Christian StrømmeAdd Qt JNI API.
2013-09-19 Sergio AhumadaInitial empty repository