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last changeThu, 5 Jun 2014 10:34:46 +0000 (12:34 +0200)
2014-06-05 Alexandre RostovtsevCleanlooks style: Fix floating point exception master
2013-02-13 Patrick SpendrinDo not use export macros for plugins v5.0.0
2013-01-28 J-P Nurmisync.profile: point to qtbase/stable
2012-11-20 J-P NurmiPlastique: inherit QProxyStyle instead of QWindowsStyle
2012-11-20 J-P NurmiCleanlooks: inherit QProxyStyle instead of QWindowsStyle
2012-11-05 J-P NurmiFix shared.pri
2012-11-05 J-P NurmiAdjust to qt_plugin.prf changes
2012-11-02 J-P NurmiRestored QCDEStyle
2012-11-02 J-P NurmiQMotifStyle is back
2012-11-02 J-P NurmiRevive QPlastiqueStyle
2012-11-02 J-P NurmiBring QCleanlooksStyle back to life
2012-11-01 J-P NurmiCopied QHexString, QStyleHelper & QStyleCache from...
2012-10-25 J-P NurmiSetup the repo infrastructure
2012-10-24 Sergio AhumadaInitial empty repository
4 years ago v5.0.0 Release 5.0.0
4 years ago master