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2014-11-13 Israel Lins- added .bak on ignore list master
2014-11-13 Israel Lins- Services updated from original sources
2014-11-13 Israel Lins- simplified mult-thread
2014-11-13 Israel Lins- separated files pro/pri
2014-11-13 Israel Lins- a lot of improvements:
2014-01-21 Israel Lins... upd-> added grettings demo
2014-01-21 Israel Lins... upd-> synchronous logging for main thread
2014-01-21 Israel Lins... upd-> qt5 compatibility
2012-09-26 Israel Linsnew-> many improviments
2012-05-07 Israel Linsbug-> crash when connection is aborted by client side
2012-03-29 Israel Lins... (no commit message)
2012-02-06 Israel Lins... upd-> changed the EOF to unix
2012-01-06 Israel Linsnew-> class httprequesthandlermapper, to make easy...
2012-01-05 Israel Linsupd-> unnecessary file removed
2012-01-05 Israel LinsHttpServer:
2011-12-13 Israel Linsadd .pro.user file (created by Qt Creator) to ignore...
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