2013-07-04 Giles BathgateRapCAD 0.9.1 v0.9.1
2013-07-04 Giles BathgateUpdated Release notes for upcoming version.
2013-07-04 Giles BathgateEnforce log style heuristic in prepare-release and...
2013-06-18 Giles BathgateApply short-circuit for logical operations.
2013-05-24 Giles BathgateFixed compilation USE_CGAL undefined.
2013-05-23 Giles BathgateFixed display of human readable rendering time.
2013-05-23 Giles BathgateBuilding polylines, points, and volumes now all use...
2013-05-23 Giles BathgateAutosize should default to false.
2013-01-01 Giles BathgateUpdated copyright year.
2012-12-31 Giles BathgateAdded ln() and log() functions.
2012-12-28 Giles BathgateMinor improvement to hull evaluation.
2012-12-21 Giles BathgateRename variable "types" as "storage class".
2012-12-20 Giles BathgateImprovement to astyle script.
2012-12-20 Giles BathgateFixed up some warnings and simplified getFragments...
2012-12-19 Giles BathgateFurther documentation updates.
2012-12-16 Giles BathgateCorrection to documentation.
2012-12-15 Giles BathgateFurther documentation updates.
2012-12-11 Giles BathgateSome minor documentation updates.
2012-12-09 Giles BathgateAdd parameters to modules and added ability to dump...
2012-12-08 Giles BathgateChanged context to use accessor methods and encapsulate...
2012-10-29 Jakob VossSave [as] shortcut Ctrl+[Shift]+S
2012-10-17 Giles BathgateAdded option to auto save when compiling.
2012-10-12 Giles BathgateImplemented cone module.
2012-10-11 Giles BathgateFix for cylinder that can produce a cone when only...
2012-10-11 Giles BathgateNeed to consider the index of the closed tab.
2012-10-11 Giles BathgateMake the tabs closeable.
2012-09-01 Giles BathgateFix for compilation under windows.
2012-08-31 Giles BathgateRapCAD 0.9.0 v0.9.0
2012-08-31 Giles BathgateUpdated Release notes for upcoming version.
2012-08-31 Giles BathgateFix for when variable is null.
2012-08-31 Giles BathgatePreliminary support for special variables $fn $fs and...
2012-08-28 Giles BathgateCleanup and correction to previous commit.
2012-08-26 Giles BathgateFurther decoupling of NodeEvaluator.
2012-08-26 Giles BathgateCompilation without cgal allowed memory leak testing...
2012-08-26 Giles BathgateRemove green code.
2012-08-26 Giles BathgateCompilation without cgal is now possible.
2012-08-25 Giles BathgateOne small step towards decouping NodeEvaluator from...
2012-08-25 Giles BathgateCGALExplorer should take CGALPrimitive.
2012-08-25 Giles BathgateMove references to CGALRenderer out of MainWindow.cpp
2012-08-25 Giles BathgateMove references to CGALPrimitive out of MainWindow.cpp
2012-08-25 Giles BathgateNo need for repeat code.
2012-08-25 Giles BathgateSimplify interface of CGALExport.
2012-08-24 Giles BathgateOffset should not discard z value.
2012-08-24 Giles BathgateAdded a slice module.
2012-08-23 Giles BathgateGet all vertexes even when they don't belong to a solid.
2012-08-22 Giles BathgateFix for when location of point is unspecified.
2012-08-22 Giles BathgateImplemented a point module.
2012-08-04 Giles BathgateUser guide doesn't need to contain compilation instruct...
2012-08-04 Giles BathgateBuild releases for Quantal, deprecate releases for...
2012-08-01 Giles BathgateRapCAD 0.8.0 v0.8.0
2012-08-01 Giles BathgateUpdated Release notes for upcoming version.
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateInclude math.h explicitly rather than as part of tau.h
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateTook new version of OGL_helper.h since its licenced...
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateAdded licence header to files where it was missing.
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateSome more documentation.
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateAdded simple about box dialog that displays the RapCAD...
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateAdded some more to the documentation.
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateMore symtax highlighting in compiling.
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateAdded syntax highlighting to asciidoc documentation.
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateRestructured asciidoc documentation to work better...
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateDangling value clean up is now working properly.
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateAttempt to clean up dangling values.
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateLittle helper script to apply astyle rules.
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateImprovements to array concatenation code and some tests.
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateParameterless constructor can be protected.
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateAllow range values to be treated as though they are...
2012-07-21 Giles BathgateFixed some defeferenced null pointer exceptions in...
2012-07-06 Giles BathgateImproved the tool tips in main window tool bar.
2012-07-06 Giles BathgateAdded the infamous cup to examples.
2012-07-06 Giles BathgateAdded an example using array concatination polylines...
2012-07-04 Giles BathgateMade parameters on rounded cube consistent and cleaned...
2012-07-04 Giles BathgateMoved rounded cube into regular shapes library.
2012-07-04 Giles BathgateImplemented preferences for edge and vertex size.
2012-06-19 Giles BathgateImplemented working amf export feature.
2012-06-19 Steve KellyNon-working AMF Export framework. Still learning how...
2012-06-18 Giles BathgateSome additional test files restored from stash.
2012-06-18 Giles BathgateImplemented module stub for rotateextrude.
2012-06-16 Giles BathgateFixed compiler warnings due to undefined virtual destru...
2012-05-03 Giles BathgateMinor correction to release.sh ensures output is moved...
2012-05-02 Giles BathgateRapCAD 0.7.0 v0.7.0
2012-05-02 Giles BathgateUpdated Release notes for upcoming version.
2012-04-29 Giles BathgateNo more testing and simulation on release.sh
2012-04-27 Giles BathgateAdded little script to help prepare releases.
2012-04-27 Giles BathgateEnable the windows part of the build script.
2012-04-26 Giles BathgateImprovements to release script remove duplication.
2012-04-21 Giles BathgateImplemented add assign, and subtract assign operators.
2012-04-21 Giles BathgateDemonstrate default values for parameter in example.
2012-04-21 Giles BathgateRe-organisation of test folder.
2012-04-21 Giles BathgateAnother simple example.
2012-04-18 Giles BathgateSimple example of some basic features.
2012-04-17 Giles BathgateImport works differently in RapCAD.
2012-04-17 Giles BathgateIn RapCAD for produces a list so no need for intersecti...
2012-04-17 Giles BathgateImport works differently in RapCAD.
2012-04-17 Giles BathgateVariables are imperative in RapCAD vs declarative,...
2012-04-17 Giles BathgateAdded licence and credit where its due.
2012-04-17 Giles BathgateAdded scad examples.
2012-03-26 Giles BathgateImplemented center() module for centering about the...
2012-03-25 Giles BathgateFix for cylinder and cube of zero height.
2012-03-25 Giles BathgateFixed some compiler warnings.
2012-03-24 Giles BathgateImprovements to relese script.