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2012-07-01 Paul FertserFlashrom works out of the box, link to the documentation master
2012-06-07 Paul FertserMention sn74lvc16t245 as a superiour buffer
2012-03-04 Paul FertserUpdate with power supply-related notes
2012-03-04 Paul FertserAdd SWD information
2012-03-04 Paul FertserCorrect RTCK notes, add some links to proposed components
2012-03-04 Paul FertserAdd JTAG and audio jack connector symbols and footprint...
2012-03-04 Paul FertserAdd a symbol for the expansion board connector
2012-03-02 Paul FertserTDI is target's input
2012-03-02 Paul FertserPower supply MOSFET note
2012-03-02 Paul FertserTypo fixes
2012-03-02 Paul FertserAdd some notes about implementation-details
2012-03-02 Paul FertserAdd initial notes
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