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last changeSun, 22 Sep 2013 15:20:10 +0000 (17:20 +0200)
2013-09-22 Emanuele Ainarefdbg: use exec to launch the debugged program master
2013-09-22 Emanuele Ainabuild: switch to to keep the .gitignore files...
2013-09-22 Emanuele Ainabuild: silence automake/libtool portability warnings
2013-09-22 Emanuele Ainarefdbg: override g_create_instance() instead of g_objec...
2013-09-22 Emanuele Ainabuild: enable stricter warnings and fix the biggest...
2013-09-22 Emanuele Ainauser: always zero-pad pointers to 16 digits
2013-09-22 Emanuele Ainatests: make the output file locations more predictable
2013-09-22 Emanuele Ainarefdbg: really test internal symbols visibility during...
2013-09-22 Emanuele Ainarefdbg: set custom LD_LIBRARY_PATH at ./configure time
2013-09-22 Emanuele Ainarefdbg: do not hardcode ${prefix}/lib when setting...
2011-03-15 Stefan Kostrefdbg: comment tweaking
2011-03-15 Stefan Kostdifflog: tweak regexp
2011-03-15 Stefan Kostdifflog: add comment and init local var in sub routine
2011-03-15 Stefan Kostfilterlog, difflog: add end-condition for redo
2011-03-15 Stefan Kostsplitlog: the initial NEW is a ref too
2011-03-14 Stefan Kostdifflog: add a new script to compare two ref traces
4 years ago master