2013-09-21 Emanuele Ainauser: Always zero-pad pointers to 16 digits
2013-09-21 Emanuele Ainatests: Make the output file locations more predictable
2013-09-21 Emanuele Ainarefdbg: Really test internal symbols visibility during...
2013-09-21 Emanuele Ainarefdbg: set custom LD_LIBRARY_PATH at ./configure time
2013-09-19 Emanuele Ainarefdbg: Do not hardcode ${prefix}/lib when setting...
2011-03-15 Stefan Kostrefdbg: comment tweaking
2011-03-15 Stefan Kostdifflog: tweak regexp
2011-03-15 Stefan Kostdifflog: add comment and init local var in sub routine
2011-03-15 Stefan Kostfilterlog, difflog: add end-condition for redo
2011-03-15 Stefan Kostsplitlog: the initial NEW is a ref too
2011-03-14 Stefan Kostdifflog: add a new script to compare two ref traces
2011-03-08 Stefan Kostsplitlog: add missing "unrefs" in report print out
2011-03-08 Stefan Kostfilterlog: subtract the ref-count correction value
2011-03-08 Stefan Kostfilterlog: write intermediate logs for debugging
2011-03-07 Stefan Kostfilterlog: allow external suppression files
2011-03-07 Stefan Kostfilterlog: refactor to use subroutines
2011-03-07 Stefan Kostsplitlog: refactor to use subroutines
2011-03-07 Stefan Kostfilterlog: planning
2011-03-05 Stefan Kostfilterlog: do non greedy match to fix stackframes with...
2011-03-05 Stefan Kostfilterlog,splitlog: make the logs diffable
2011-03-05 Stefan Kostfilterlog: more statistics
2011-03-05 Stefan Kostfilterlog: remove dead assignment and handle non match
2011-03-05 Stefan Kostfilterlog: no need to restart from 0
2011-03-05 Stefan Kostfilterlog: add comment
2011-03-02 Stefan Kostfilterlog: improve filtering of local refs
2011-03-02 Stefan Kostfilterlog: add a total for the ref/unref stats
2011-03-02 Stefan Kostfilterlogs: number of refs/unrefs can be 0
2011-03-02 Stefan Kostfilterlog: reorder filter snippets and add more comments
2011-03-02 Stefan Kostfilterlog: fix statistics
2011-02-28 Stefan Kostrefdbg: construct_index is guint, don't set to -1
2011-02-28 Stefan Kostrefdbg: more tracing
2011-02-28 Stefan Kostrefdbg: update error message for init check
2011-02-28 Stefan Kosttools: add a FIXME:
2011-02-28 Stefan Kostrefdbg: comment only changes
2011-02-28 Stefan Kostrefdbg: add a simple debug tracing facility
2011-02-28 Stefan Kostrefdbg: bump the year in header comment
2011-02-28 Stefan Kostrefdbg: make two more vars static
2011-01-29 Steve Frécinauxconfigure: check for bfd.h
2010-12-12 Stefan Kosttests: add another test type and a new test using prope...
2010-12-12 Stefan Kostscripts: whitespace and filter update
2010-12-12 Stefan Kostscripts: also filter the event array to keep the right...
2010-12-12 Stefan Kostrefdbg: only warn about unresolved types, if we have...
2010-12-12 Stefan Kostscripts: fix the event matching
2010-12-12 Stefan Kostscripts: actually add the filterlog script
2010-12-12 Stefan Kostuser: make backtrace more gdb alike
2010-12-12 Stefan Kostscripts: add initial filter-script
2010-12-12 Stefan Kostscripts: merge checklog into splitlog
2010-12-11 Stefan Kostgitignore maintenance
2010-12-11 Stefan Kostcmdparse: downgrade them to message
2010-12-11 Stefan Kostscripts: add two perlscripts for log post processing
2010-12-11 Stefan Kostrefdbg: remove extra overrides again
2010-12-11 Stefan Kostrefdbg: remove unused var
2010-12-11 Stefan Kosttraces: format the backtrace more like the gdb ones
2010-12-11 Stefan Kosthelp: sync help output
2010-12-11 Stefan Kosttests: reorg the tests and add more
2010-12-10 Stefan Kostgitignore: maintenance
2010-12-10 Stefan Kostrefdbg: remove unused var
2010-12-10 Stefan Kostrefdbg: use a separate var for the event to keep neweve...
2010-12-10 Stefan Kostrefdbg: comment fix
2010-12-10 Stefan KostTODO: planning
2010-12-10 Stefan Kosttests: add tests helper functions and use them
2010-12-10 Stefan Kostrefdbg: add new commands to help output of shell wrapper
2010-12-10 Stefan Kostrefdbg: add new command to suppress stats on exit
2010-12-10 Stefan Kostformatting: use normal command for copright headers
2010-12-10 Stefan KostTODO: more planning
2010-12-10 Stefan modernize
2010-12-10 Stefan Kosttests: first stab at having a testsuite
2010-12-10 Stefan Kostlogging: make logfile name overridable via env-var...
2010-12-10 Stefan Kostrefdbg: remove library name define
2010-12-09 Stefan Kosttimestamps: add helper to get elapsed time
2010-12-09 Stefan Kostdisplay: change timestamp helper and user more often
2010-12-09 Stefan Kostrefdbg: use tiestamp helper once more
2010-12-09 Stefan Kostrefdbg: comment only fix
2010-12-09 Stefan Kostformatting: tabs to spaces
2010-12-09 Stefan Kostrefdbg: use a macro for backtrace collection
2010-12-09 Stefan Kostoutput: fix two format string errors
2010-12-09 Stefan Kostcopyright: add my name to the copyright of the files...
2010-12-08 Stefan Kostrefdbg: we also need to override g_object_new_valist
2010-12-08 Stefan Kostcleanup: use 'j' instead of i2 for loop index
2010-12-08 Stefan Kostlogging: factor out backtrace printing
2010-12-08 Stefan Kostformatting: re-indent code
2010-12-08 Stefan Kostrefdbg: we don't need the original method here as we...
2010-12-08 Stefan Kostlogging: factor out some common code
2010-12-07 Stefan Kostbuild: various build fixes.
2010-12-06 Stefan KostTODO: update
2010-12-06 Stefan Kostlogging: use a fixed with for type names in output...
2010-12-06 Stefan Kostrebdbg: also override g_object_new
2010-12-06 Stefan Kostrefdbg: more verbose and deferred type resolving
2010-12-06 Stefan Kostrefdbg: improve the sanity check
2010-12-06 Stefan Kostrefdbg: no need to init to NULL
2010-12-06 Stefan Kostrefdbg: mark more variables static
2010-12-06 Stefan Kostrefdbg: use bash in the wrapper
2010-12-06 Stefan Kostgitignore: add ignore files
2010-12-06 Stefan KostMakefile: add -liberty for missing functions
2010-12-06 Stefan KostTOOD: more plans
2010-12-06 Stefan KostHACKING: add some developer info
2010-12-06 Josh Greenimport: sources from