last changeSun, 9 Jan 2011 22:18:21 +0000 (23:18 +0100)
2011-01-09 Denis 'GNUtoo... libc: fix bug #11829 replicant-2.2
2010-11-25 Christopher... kernel_headers: Update linux input header for 2.6.32
2010-11-20 Steve Kondikbionic: Add NASTY_PTHREAD_CREATE_HACK
2010-11-19 Rodrigo ObregonBionic: Aliasing problems with frexpf
2010-11-16 Steve KondikMerge "bionic: Add akm8975 header" into froyo
2010-11-16 Steve Kondikbionic: Add akm8975 header
2010-11-16 Steve Kondikbionic: Add vidc headers and 7x30 PMEM ioctls
2010-11-14 Simo MeleniusPosix-compliance: raise() didn't work with threads
2010-11-14 Gary King[bionic] implement work around for tegra errata 657451
2010-11-14 Gary Kinglink libthread_db against libc
2010-11-14 Gary Kingbionic: use correct TLS code path
2010-11-14 Gary Kingbionic: update atomic_swap to be safe on ARMv6 and...
2010-11-14 Gary Kingbionic: don't use NEON memcpy if mfpu!=neon
2010-10-19 Bradley Froehlemsm_mdp.h: ifdef the reference to sharpening_strength
2010-10-17 Elliott HughesFixes for the ARM-specific bswap_16, bswap_32, and...
2010-10-17 Steve KondikRevert "Revert "Add declaration for sys_signame[] forgo...
7 years ago replicant-2.2