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last changeTue, 9 Apr 2013 17:36:26 +0000 (19:36 +0200)
2013-04-09 Denis 'GNUtoo... Fix the build for gcc 4.8 replicant-4.0
2012-07-08 Elliott HughesFix a possible off-by-one in the verifier. ics-release
2012-07-08 xkonniAdded missing <include sys/resource.h> for gcc-4.7.1
2012-06-19 Android MedaThumbVFP.cpp:231:10: error: variable 'wide' set but...
2012-06-13 Steve KondikMerge "Revert " Trim after explicit gc."" into ics
2012-06-11 elektroschmockRevert " Trim after explicit gc."
2012-06-08 Bernhard Rosenkraenzerdalvik: Fix various compile failures with gcc 4.6
2012-05-28 Vijay Dandigadalvik: Increase HEAP_IDEAL_FREE to 7.2 MB
2012-05-12 SangWook Han Trim after explicit gc.
2012-05-12 SangWook Han Fix: Issue 26627: Dalvik Heap Trim timer value after GC
2012-04-02 Charlie GrovesCompact merged dexes on their byte aligned size
2012-04-02 Mark GordonObvious mix of = and ==
2012-03-29 Steve KondikMerge branch 'ics-mr1-release' of https://android.googl...
2012-02-06 Steve KondikMerge "dalvik: fix a bug in redundant branch eliminatio...
2012-02-06 Steve KondikMerge "[PATCH] Basic KSM Support" into ics
2012-01-31 Wei Wangdalvik: fix a bug in redundant branch elimination
5 years ago replicant-4.0
5 years ago ics-release