last changeMon, 11 Nov 2013 21:25:48 +0000 (22:25 +0100)
2013-11-11 Paul KocialkowskiProperly handle missing firmwares replicant-4.2
2013-07-06 sakindia123audio_policy: Add EVRCB & EVRCWB formats for msm7x27a
2013-06-15 Karthik Reddy... libhardware_legacy: Increase stream mute time
2013-06-15 Vimal PuthanveedPrimary output check for sonification is removed.
2013-06-11 Michaël Burtinwifi: add a new "loading" state
2013-03-24 Mingming Yinqcom-fm: audio: add support for FM feature
2013-03-08 jerpeleawifi: add suport for WIFI_EXT_MODULE
2013-02-16 Giulio Cerverafmradio: cleanup QCOM_FM_ENABLED/STE_FM defs and ifdef
2013-02-13 Steve KondikMerge tag 'android-4.2.2_r1' of https://android.googles...
2013-01-29 Alin JerpeleaSTE_FMRDIO:enable STE_FM radio
2013-01-09 Kalyani polepeddyaudio policy :Added EVRC and QCELP for 7x30 HAL compilation
2012-12-24 Mingming Yinaudio: Add support for QCOM audio devices, formats...
2012-12-23 Ricardo CerqueiraMerge "audio_policy: Fix volumes for ICS blob compat...
2012-12-23 Ricardo Cerqueiraaudio_policy: Fix volumes for ICS blob compat
2012-12-22 codeworkxwifi: fix samsung wifi logic
2012-12-21 Steve Kondikwifi: Add support for AP module args
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