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last changeThu, 17 Jul 2014 14:56:04 +0000 (16:56 +0200)
2014-07-17 Thomas GleixnerFix CVE-2014-3153 replicant-4.2
2014-01-25 Paul KocialkowskiSensors layouts for landscape screen orientation for...
2014-01-13 Paul KocialkowskiInput and sensors layouts for landscape screen orientation
2014-01-12 Paul Kocialkowskisec_ts: Avoid loading firmwares
2014-01-03 Paul KocialkowskiReplicant kernel release
2014-01-03 Paul KocialkowskiGet rid of proprietary firmwares and related instructions
2013-07-13 Daniel Hillenbrandespresso: enable selinux support
2013-06-12 Tommi Rantalaperf: Treat attr.config as u64 in perf_swevent_init()
2013-04-15 Daniel Hillenbrandmms136: swap x and y if pivot mode gets changed
2013-04-13 Daniel Hillenbrandmms136: add sysfs for controlling pivot mode
2013-03-15 codeworkxbcmdhd: disable GAN_LITE_NAT_KEEPALIVE_FILTER
2013-03-15 codeworkxbcmdhd: reenable IPv6, disable multicast in suspend
2013-02-19 codeworkxcpufreq: interactive: bring inline with omapzoom
2013-02-16 codeworkxmodem_if: stop the spam
2013-02-15 codeworkxapply JB update from
2013-01-30 codeworkxp31xx/p51xx: enable utf8 support for nls
3 years ago replicant-4.2
5 years ago replicant-4.0