2011-10-04 Prashantha... Added MUSB support for AM335X int_am335xpsp_04.06.00.01
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Housekeeping
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Resolved issue with reconnecting cable
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: AM35X support added
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Resolve compiler error when compiling MUSB...
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Copyright updated
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Device made to get enumerated as HS if host...
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Fastboot using MUSB made HS capable
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Combine different instances of FASTBOOT_RESPO...
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Revert data toggling for MUSB UDC
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: OMAP3EVM: Use partition name and product...
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Use macros for EP numbers/index
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Cleanup
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Incorporated fastboot upload capability
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Added fastboot command - boot
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Added fastboot commands - reboot & continue
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Handle other "fastboot getvar" commands
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Add capability to add partitions dynamically
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Remove board specific details from fastboot...
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Disable debug prints in MUSB UDC
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Revert changes done for testing
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: fastboot flash command working
2011-10-04 Amit PundirFASTBOOT: fastboot erase working
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Incorporate erase and flash commands
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Disable debug prints in cmd_fastboot.c
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: fastboot data download working
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASBOOT: Disable debug prints in ep0.c
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Posion Rx URB buffer, remove code modificatio...
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Basic fastboot command communication working
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Handling recieve
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: File "ep0.c" made verbose
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Modified usb serial driver to check MUSB...
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: MUSB UDC getting enumerated in host PC
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASBOOT: Initialize MUSB with fastboot cmd
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: MUSB UDC enabled in OMAP3 EVM config option
2011-10-04 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Add minimal macros, incorporate fastboot...
2011-10-03 Philip, AvinashAM335x: Corrected the offset of NAND environment.
2011-10-03 Chandan NathAM335X: CPSW autonegotiates to 10/100 mbps
2011-10-03 Philip, AvinashAM335x: Corrected MPU voltage switching.
2011-10-03 Philip, AvinashAM335x: DDR for 266 MHz.
2011-10-03 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: Remove warning that occur during compile
2011-10-03 Chandan NathAM335X: enabling 2 slave port support in cpsw
2011-10-03 Philip, AvinashAM335x: Support for MPU clock switch to 600MHz.
2011-10-03 Philip, AvinashAM335x: FIX for I2C write of address length 1
2011-10-03 Mansoor Ahamed... TI81xx: NAND: Fix system reset when BCH4 ecc is selecte...
2011-10-03 Philip, AvinashAM335x: Run time detection of NAND Bus width
2011-10-03 Saxena, Parthti81xx: nand: add 8/16 bit nand runtime detection
2011-09-14 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: provide proper fallback incase of failure
2011-09-13 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: correct evm type defines
2011-09-06 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: Removed unused ddr config file
2011-09-06 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: correct spi 1 pin-mux
2011-09-06 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: enable printf if in u-boot 2nd stage
2011-09-06 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: Add debug print to display evm configuration
2011-09-06 Chandan NathAM335X: Remove extra cpsw pinmux config
2011-09-06 Chandan NathAM335X: Enable In Band mode in cpsw for 10 mbps
2011-09-06 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: Enable multi-i2c support
2011-09-06 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: update omap24xx i2c driver to support multi-i2c
2011-09-06 Philip, AvinashAM335x: I2C Multi byte address support for EEPROM
2011-09-06 Afzal MohammedAM335X: Move setenv from default_serial_console
2011-09-06 Chandan NathAM335X: Corrected TLK110 PHY ID
2011-09-06 Sekhar Noriam335x: clean-up board detection logic
2011-09-06 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: add support for i2c1 & i2c2 & fix i2c0 pin-mux
2011-09-06 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: Add missing UART3 Functional Clocks
2011-09-06 Philip, AvinashAM335x: SPI bus no is updated on board detection
2011-09-06 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: Support new MACH-id for IA EVM
2011-09-06 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: Correct UART Pin-mux and align with RBL
2011-09-06 Sekhar Noriam335x: I2C misc fixes
2011-09-06 Sekhar Noriam335x: streamline mac address read logic
2011-09-06 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: Multi serial support for AM335x
2011-09-06 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: Fix in-correct SPI module handling
2011-09-06 Sugumar NatarajanAM335X: Update NAND Module
2011-09-06 Vaibhav Bediaam335x: wdt1: disable in early init
2011-09-06 Patil, RachnaAM335X: Add config option to select b/w EVM types
2011-09-06 Sugumar NatarajanAM335X: Correct DDR & PLL config
2011-09-02 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: Revert Commit related to MDDR addition
2011-08-16 Patil, RachnaAM335X: add uart related changes for IA evm.
2011-08-16 Patil, RachnaAM335X: ifdef added for ddr settings.
2011-08-08 Patil, RachnaAM335X: Add IO control registers in mddr config.
2011-08-06 Philip, AvinashAM335x: SPI data line inversion handled
2011-08-05 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: Fix Coding style errors
2011-08-05 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: Fix inconsitency in PAD Conf header file
2011-08-05 Patil, RachnaAM335X: Add DDR configurations.
2011-08-03 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X : Correct Profile Reading & Handling
2011-08-03 Chandan Natham335x: Read MACID from eeprom
2011-08-03 Hebbar, GururajaAM335X: Board-identification Feature Improvement
2011-08-03 Hebbar, Gururaja AM335X : addd support for reading MAC Address from...
2011-07-25 Chandan Natham335x: miiphy register address change
2011-07-25 Sugumar Natarajanam335x: NOR: remove GPIO related code
2011-07-25 Sugumar Natarajanam335x: remove redundant defines in makefile
2011-07-25 Sugumar Natarajanam335x: NOR: define 'CONFIG_NOR_BOOT' needed by gpmc_init
2011-07-25 Chandan Natham335x: Fix for removing miiphy warnings
2011-07-25 Philip, Avinasham335x: SPI: Fix coding style warnings
2011-07-21 Sugumar Natarajanam335x: Add conditional compilation for the module...
2011-07-21 Chandan Natham335x: Adding centaurus PG revisions
2011-07-21 Sriramakrishnan A Gti8148: cust : modify the cpsw PHY address for new EVM
2011-07-21 Sriramakrishnan A Gmiiphyutil: (hack) Disable check for 1000BaseX
2011-07-21 Sriramakrishnan A Gti8148: cpsw : add support for rgmii
2011-07-21 Sriramakrishnan A Gti8148 cpsw : add pin mux configuration for second...
2011-07-21 Hebbar, Gururajaam335x: Address review comments
2011-07-21 Hebbar, Gururajaam335x: Add default bootargs & bootacmds for Flash...