2011-01-12 Syed Mohammed... Fix 26Mhz clock for AM37x EVM ti816x-master-android
2011-01-06 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: NAND layout reconfigured
2011-01-05 SatishI2C camera sensor support for beagleboard
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Housekeeping
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Resolved issue with reconnecting cable
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: AM35X support added
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Resolve compiler error when compiling MUSB...
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Copyright updated
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Device made to get enumerated as HS if host...
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Fastboot using MUSB made HS capable
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Combine different instances of FASTBOOT_RESPO...
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Revert data toggling for MUSB UDC
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: OMAP3EVM: Use partition name and product...
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Use macros for EP numbers/index
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Cleanup
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Incorporated fastboot upload capability
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Added fastboot command - boot
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Added fastboot commands - reboot & continue
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Handle other "fastboot getvar" commands
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Add capability to add partitions dynamically
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Remove board specific details from fastboot...
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Disable debug prints in MUSB UDC
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Revert changes done for testing
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: fastboot flash command working
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: fastboot erase working
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Incorporate erase and flash commands
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Disable debug prints in cmd_fastboot.c
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: fastboot data download working
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASBOOT: Disable debug prints in ep0.c
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Posion Rx URB buffer, remove code modificatio...
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Basic fastboot command communication working
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Handling recieve
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: File "ep0.c" made verbose
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Modified usb serial driver to check MUSB...
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: MUSB UDC getting enumerated in host PC
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASBOOT: Initialize MUSB with fastboot cmd
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: MUSB UDC enabled in OMAP3 EVM config option
2011-01-05 Afzal MohammedFASTBOOT: Add minimal macros, incorporate fastboot...
2010-12-16 Mansoor AhamedTI81XX: NAND: Setting 1-bit Hamming code H/W ECC as... master
2010-12-15 Vaibhav Bediati816x: WDT support
2010-12-14 Parth Mauria... TI81XX: NAND: Change oob layout to synch with kernel
2010-12-10 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Add IVA PLL setup code
2010-12-10 Hemant Pedanekarti814x: Add ISS PLL configuration
2010-12-09 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Fix compiler warning
2010-12-09 Vaibhav Bediati814x: TBM with initial commit for ti814x
2010-12-09 SriramakrishnanTI8168: fix handling of ethernet mac address.
2010-12-09 SriramakrishnanTI EMAC driver : Add gigabit mode support
2010-12-08 Vaibhav HiremathOMAP:I2C: Fixed build error/warning
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Skip pcie_pll config
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: NOR boot support config option
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Size reduction config options... revisit
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Reorg of config options
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Minor change in board file
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8168: Update config name for selecting ENV support
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Update config name for selecting ENV support
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Rename config names used in Makefile and config...
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: SD support
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Config file clean-up
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Makefile clean-up
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Diable cache for now
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Default build for DDR2 @ 400MHz I/O clock
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Support for DDR3 at different frequencies
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Support for boot script for setting ENV
2010-12-07 Vaibhav BediaSuppress CPUINFO printing in 1st stage of SD
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Change 2nd stage load address for SD boot
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Change TEXT_BASE
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Add target which runs out of internal memory
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Change the location of config.tmp inclusion
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati81xx: Suppress debug prints on console
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati81xx: Add cpu type and rev detection logic
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Additional spacing in config file for readability
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Dual stage SD boot support
2010-12-07 Swaminathan Sti816x: SD Dual boot support
2010-12-07 Swaminathan Shsmmc : This patch adds HSMMC support to TI816x platform
2010-12-07 SriramakrishnanTI8148: fix handling of ethernet mac address.
2010-12-07 SriramakrishnanTI8148 : Enable I-cache/D-cache for faster bootup
2010-12-07 SriramakrishnanCPSW : enable Gigabit operation and other driver cleanup
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati81xx: Add cpu type and rev detection logic
2010-12-07 Madhvapathi... ti814x : cpsw : pinmux config
2010-12-07 Mansoor Ahamedti8148: Moved env to the correct location
2010-12-07 Mansoor Ahamedti814x: Default bootdelay for second stage set to 3...
2010-12-07 Madhvapathi... ti8148 : Include ETH support in 2nd stage build
2010-12-07 Mansoor Ahamedti814x: SPI boot, 1st stage and 2nd stage verified...
2010-12-07 Madhvapathi... cpsw : bringup patch
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Bringup patch
2010-12-07 Madhvapathi... cpsw : add supprt for setting macaddr via env variable
2010-12-07 Ajay Kumar... musb: ti814x: setup usb drvvbus mux
2010-12-07 Madhvapathi... ti814x : cpsw : platform specific data and changes
2010-12-07 Madhvapathi... ethernet : modified clocking for ethernet (cpsw)
2010-12-07 Madhvapathi... ti814x: mmc: add mux for mmc1
2010-12-07 Cyril ChemparathyTI: netdev: add driver for cpsw ethernet device
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Misc updates to board file
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Add support for 2nd stage U-Boot
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Add support for clk and mux configuration
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati81xx: Update ti81xx files for ti814x support
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Initial support
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Updates for EA2
2010-12-07 Mike Frysingerenv_nand: return error when no device is found
2010-12-07 Ranjith Lohithakshanti816x: Adjust device voltage based on characterization...
2010-12-07 Nageswari Srinivasanti81xx: I2C support