2011-09-09 Basheer, Mansoor... TI816x: NOR: Do not use delay after ddr init in case... ti81xx-master
2011-09-09 Raj, DeepuTI8168 : Fixed the ti8168 DDR3 @800MHz stability issue
2011-09-09 Saxena, Parthti814x: wdt: Stop and unfreeze WDT
2011-09-09 Vaibhav Bediatiimage: Remove padding for ti814x
2011-09-09 Raj, DeepuTI814x : Updated the DDR DMM_LISA_MAP config for ti8148
2011-09-09 Raj, DeepuTI816x : Updated the DDR DMM_LISA_MAP config for ti8168
2011-09-09 Raj, DeepuTI814X : Aligned the PLL values to PG2.1 v4 GEL file
2011-09-09 Sriramakrishnan A Gti8148: cust : modify the cpsw PHY address for new EVM
2011-09-09 Sriramakrishnan A Gmiiphyutil: (hack) Disable check for 1000BaseX
2011-09-09 Sriramakrishnan A Gti8148: cpsw : add support for rgmii
2011-09-09 Sriramakrishnan A Gti8148 cpsw : add pin mux configuration for second...
2011-09-09 Raj, DeepuTI814X : Applied the new SW_LEVEL param for DDR3 @400MHz
2011-09-09 Raj, DeepuTI816X : Set default TI8168 DDR3 Frq to 800MHz
2011-09-09 Raj, DeepuTI814X : code cleanup for ti814x DDR settings in ddr_defs.h
2011-09-09 Raj, DeepuTI814X : code cleanup for ti814x DDR settings in ddr_defs.h
2011-09-09 Raj, DeepuTI814X: Fixed CPU revision printing for ti8148
2011-09-09 Raj, DeepuTI814X : Added Support for printing cpu type and ARM...
2011-09-09 Raj, DeepuTI814X : fixed PG detect for PG2.1 EVM's having 0xc...
2011-09-09 Raj, DeepuTI814X : Modified DDR2/DDR3 Selection using PG rev
2011-09-09 Deepu RajTI814X: Code cleanup and MODENA_N value fixed
2011-09-09 Basheer, Mansoor... TI814X: Explicitly put PLL in bypass mode before config...
2011-09-09 Basheer, Mansoor... TI814X: Enable Runtime PG detection by default.
2011-09-09 Basheer, Mansoor... TI814X: IVA, ISS, USB PLL configuration for PG2x.
2011-09-09 Basheer, Mansoor... TI814X: PG2.x support with DDR3
2011-09-09 Basheer, Mansoor... TI81XX: Fix get_cpu_rev() to mask only 4-bit
2011-09-09 Deepu RajTI816x : PG rutime detection for DDR2 EMIF CFG value
2011-09-09 Anil Kumar ChTI816X: FAPLL configurations for DDR 675MHz
2011-09-09 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Simplify the ARM frequency calculation
2011-09-09 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Explicitly set oscillator sources
2011-09-09 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Update IVA PLL config
2011-09-09 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Remove DSS PLL config
2011-09-09 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Update DMM LISA mapping for interleaving
2011-09-09 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Update DDR2/3 controller PHY register
2011-09-09 Vaibhav HiremathFor OMAP36xx move sys_clk to 26MHz
2011-09-09 Vaibhav Hiremathomap3evm/beagle/am3517evm:Change the console port to...
2011-09-09 Vaibhav Hiremathomap3_evm: Change ttyS2 => ttyO0
2011-09-09 Parth Mauria... OMAP3: NAND: Setting default ECC scheme as 1-bit hw...
2011-09-09 Parth Mauria... OMAP3: NAND: Fixing a few prints
2011-09-09 Parth Mauria... OMAP3: NAND: Fixing a few prints
2011-09-09 Abhilash Vadakkepat... remove build warning
2011-09-09 Abhilash Vadakkepat... remove build warnings This patch removes the following...
2011-09-09 Abhilash Vadakkepat... remove omap3 common build warnings
2011-09-09 Parth Mauria... OMAP3: NAND: Restricting 4,8 bit BCH ECC schemes only...
2011-09-09 Parth Mauria... OMAP3: NAND: Synching 1b-hw ecc schemes with 1b-sw...
2011-09-09 Abhilash Vadakkepat... Changes to support 2 diff hw ECC modes of operation...
2011-09-09 Greg GuyotteUboot BCH 4b8b Error Correction
2011-09-09 Vaibhav Hirematham3517evm: Disable CFI flash support from default config
2011-09-09 Vaibhav Hiremathgpmc init: clear irq_enable for CS0 for all boot modes
2011-09-09 Vaibhav HiremathAM3517: Add NOR Flash boot mode Support
2011-09-09 Jason KridnerBeagleXM: Configure drive strength to 20 ohms/8ma
2011-02-15 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Modify the default configuration for DDR3
2011-02-15 Rajkumar.Rti816x: Modify frequency calculation for printing
2011-02-10 Vaibhav Bediati8168: Change the default config for DDR3
2011-02-10 Brad Griffisti814x: Fix initialization of DMTIMER1 clock source
2011-02-10 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Add the 2nd stage bootcmd
2011-01-12 Vaibhav Bediati81xx: Add support for echo command
2011-01-12 Vaibhav Bediati814x: MMC/SD: Update pad config
2011-01-10 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Print a message from 1st stage before loading...
2011-01-10 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Ascii art
2011-01-10 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Enable hush parser
2011-01-10 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Fix MMC1 CLK_CTRL register
2011-01-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Update L3 config for 220MHz
2011-01-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Delay mux setup after relocation to DDR
2011-01-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Fix M2NDIV register value for Modena PLL
2011-01-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Add Audio PLL setup code
2011-01-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Add DSP PLL setup code
2011-01-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Add DSS PLL setup code
2010-12-16 Mansoor AhamedTI81XX: NAND: Setting 1-bit Hamming code H/W ECC as... master
2010-12-15 Vaibhav Bediati816x: WDT support
2010-12-14 Parth Mauria... TI81XX: NAND: Change oob layout to synch with kernel
2010-12-10 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Add IVA PLL setup code
2010-12-10 Hemant Pedanekarti814x: Add ISS PLL configuration
2010-12-09 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Fix compiler warning
2010-12-09 Vaibhav Bediati814x: TBM with initial commit for ti814x
2010-12-09 SriramakrishnanTI8168: fix handling of ethernet mac address.
2010-12-09 SriramakrishnanTI EMAC driver : Add gigabit mode support
2010-12-08 Vaibhav HiremathOMAP:I2C: Fixed build error/warning
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Skip pcie_pll config
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: NOR boot support config option
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Size reduction config options... revisit
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Reorg of config options
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Minor change in board file
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8168: Update config name for selecting ENV support
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Update config name for selecting ENV support
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati8148: Rename config names used in Makefile and config...
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: SD support
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Config file clean-up
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Makefile clean-up
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati814x: Diable cache for now
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Default build for DDR2 @ 400MHz I/O clock
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Support for DDR3 at different frequencies
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Support for boot script for setting ENV
2010-12-07 Vaibhav BediaSuppress CPUINFO printing in 1st stage of SD
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Change 2nd stage load address for SD boot
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Change TEXT_BASE
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Add target which runs out of internal memory
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Change the location of config.tmp inclusion
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati81xx: Suppress debug prints on console
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati81xx: Add cpu type and rev detection logic
2010-12-07 Vaibhav Bediati816x: Additional spacing in config file for readability