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last changeTue, 26 Jan 2010 17:48:49 +0000 (20:48 +0300)
2010-01-26 Vladimir BarinovOMAP3EVM touchscreen fixes master
2010-01-26 Sanjeev PremiOMAP35x: Add support for 720MHz part
2009-12-01 Gerrit Code... Merge change 1510 into android-donut-ti-2.6.29-rc3
2009-11-12 Ruslan V. SushkoFix up race condition on ringbufer int oprofile
2009-11-05 Vladimir BarinovUpdate OMAP3EVM android defconfig: - enable RTC - enabl...
2009-11-03 Vladimir Barinovupdate beagle board android defconfig
2009-11-03 Vladimir BarinovSync to TI PSP release
2009-11-03 Vladimir BarinovUpdate beagle defconfig to enable memory holes feature
2009-10-22 Vladimir BarinovAdd Memory HOLES ability for OMAP arch
2009-10-22 Russell KingARM: Fix pfn_valid() for sparse memory
2009-10-22 Russell KingARM: Fix broken highmem support
2009-10-22 Nicolas Pitremem_init(): make highmem pages available for use
2009-10-22 Russell KingFix virtual to physical translation macro corner cases
2009-10-22 Mel GormanDouble check memmap is actually valid with a memmap...
2009-10-19 Vladimir Barinovupdate omap3evm defconfig
2009-10-19 Vladimir BarinovUpdate beagleboard android defconfig and change user...
3 years ago rowboat-jb-am335x-4.1.2 Rowboat Jelly Bean 4.1.2
3 years ago rowboat-ics-am335x-4.0.3 Rowboat ICS 4.0.4
3 years ago rowboat-jb-am37x-4.1.2 Rowboat Jelly Bean 4.1.2
3 years ago rowboat-am335x-kernel-3.2
3 years ago rowboat-ics-kernel-2.6.37
4 years ago rowboat-kernel-2.6.37
4 years ago rowboat-am335x-3.2
4 years ago rowboat-ti81xx-2.6.37-PSP_04.00.00.12
4 years ago rowboat-kernel-3.1
4 years ago rowboat-am335x-3.1
4 years ago rowboat-kernel-2.6.38
4 years ago rowboat-gingerbread
4 years ago rowboat-kernel-2.6.35
4 years ago rowboat-ti81xx-2.6.37-mc-dsp
5 years ago rowboat-ti81xx-2.6.37
5 years ago rowboat-eclair-2.6.32
5 years ago rowboat-am389x-2.6.32
5 years ago rowboat-am1808-2.6.32
6 years ago rowboat-eclair