last changeSun, 24 Jun 2012 04:40:33 +0000 (13:40 +0900)
2012-06-24 fluxarm: initial ARM ISA support master
2012-06-08 fluxcore: call programs directly when possible
2012-06-08 fluxcore: add a debug print function
2012-06-08 fluxcore: gained ability to use STDERR
2012-06-08 fluxcore: optimize tohex() a bit
2012-01-11 fluxx86: correct logic for mov instruction
2011-11-25 fluxcore: print version information
2011-11-25 fluxx86: change test order for check_size tests
2011-11-25 fluxcore: reimplement check_size()
2011-11-25 fluxapi: update API for the new functions in core
2011-11-25 fluxcore: update usage line in help output
2011-11-25 fluxcore: selectable number of bits for memory output
2011-11-25 fluxcore: option for printing debug information
2011-11-25 fluxcore: don't print 'command not found' for bad ops
2011-11-25 fluxcore: pure shell implementation of tr
2011-11-25 fluxcore: correct handling of direct assembly (-a)
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