removed the discussion about binary file upload, as it's now implemented that way
[sendtowebdav:sendtowebdav.git] / src / de / binaervarianz / sendtowebdav /
2011-01-09 RoXXoRremoved the discussion about binary file upload, as...
2011-01-09 RoXXoRsome cleanup and comments
2011-01-09 RoXXoRImage file gets now uploaded with original filename...
2011-01-06 ChaosMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-06 RoXXoRadded comment about files in directories.
2011-01-06 matschsubfolder suggestion for files
2011-01-06 Chaosmerged with HEAD and fixed a small bug in file naming
2011-01-06 ChaosAdded images to acceptable Intends (and made them work...
2011-01-06 RoXXoRfixed wrong time format 12h->24h for filename timestamp
2011-01-05 matschMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' of
2011-01-05 matsch- app invisible when #SendToServer intent is called
2011-01-05 RoXXoRintegrate TrustAll SSLcets
2011-01-05 Chaosmerged with matschs changes
2011-01-05 matschactually showing toast (oups). still think I will excha...
2011-01-03 matschtest connection & some UI stuff
2010-12-29 matschshared prefs between activities
2010-12-29 matschverschiedenes
2010-12-27 matschconfig app layout fix
2010-12-27 RoXXoRadded .classpath
2010-09-25 RoXXoRadded AlertDialog which shows the URL to send
2010-09-21 RoXXoRadded Send action; modified Manifest to support SEND...