last changeTue, 10 Jan 2012 17:16:52 +0000 (18:16 +0100)
2012-01-10 Peter SimonssonAdd support for different in and out animations, also... master
2012-01-10 Peter SimonssonAdd support for nestled AnimationGroups
2012-01-07 Peter SimonssonAdd support for position animation
2012-01-06 Peter SimonssonPrepare for animation support and clean up code
2012-01-04 Peter SimonssonClean up the gui
2012-01-03 Peter SimonssonGo into name edit mode when creating new graphic
2012-01-03 Peter SimonssonEnable/disable template combo and input groupbox as...
2012-01-03 Peter SimonssonAdd font attribute to SimpleText element
2012-01-02 Peter SimonssonFix the linux window problems once and for all... I...
2012-01-02 Peter SimonssonImplement remove graphic action
2012-01-01 Peter SimonssonSetup the output view correctly on linux
2012-01-01 Peter SimonssonAdd support for simple text
2012-01-01 Peter SimonssonHandle relative paths for pixmaps
2012-01-01 Peter SimonssonDelay output view some more as first try didn't work
2012-01-01 Peter SimonssonDelay showing the output view
2012-01-01 Peter SimonssonMake it possible to quit the app on !macosx :)
6 years ago master