last changeThu, 7 Mar 2013 22:06:29 +0000 (23:06 +0100)
2013-03-07 Carlos MartínBumped version master
2012-04-17 Carlos MartínHTTP connection scaffold added (probably to be droped)
2012-01-30 Carlos MartínFix imports of amqp moved modules
2012-01-30 Carlos MartínMove specific AMQP modules to amqp dir
2012-01-30 Carlos MartínSplit connection module to support also http protocol
2012-01-30 Carlos MartínPrepare to work on virtualenv deployments
2012-01-30 Carlos MartínUse an empty tuple if queue param is None
2011-11-29 Carlos Martínmerge PySide adapters from custom pika repo
2011-11-24 Carlos Martínrename exceptions module to errors
2011-11-24 Carlos MartínUse updated AbstractFactory
2011-11-24 Carlos MartínInvoke parent method on when_received
2011-11-24 Carlos MartínInvoke pending stuff when channel is up and ready
2011-11-22 Carlos MartínFix errors showed on bank example
2011-11-17 Carlos MartínUse correct decode method
2011-11-17 Carlos MartínHandle channel errors
2011-11-11 Carlos MartínAdd Manager class
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