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2009-09-25 Cao Le Thang... - Added "Create New Gallery" button to SlidePress menu... master
2009-09-18 updated to 1.9.2
2009-06-24 Gary Cao- fixed CSS for WP 2.8
2009-06-20 Gary Cao- fixed wrong image URL in alternate content (image...
2009-05-30 Gary Cao- fixed the php warning message for WordPress 2.6.x
2009-05-24 Gary Cao- added database update routine for previous versions
2009-05-22 Gary Cao- change the folder structure:
2009-05-20 Gary Cao-merge with the official release
2009-05-17 Gary Cao- modified the SimpleXML error message to refer to...
2009-05-15 Gary Cao- Added option "Open Gallery" for content area action...
2009-05-15 Gary Cao-merge with the official release
2009-04-24 Gary Cao- added [hide] for xml folder notice
2009-04-09 Gary Cao- modified the SSP_VERSION constant ssp1.9.3
2009-04-09 Gary Cao- modified the version of slidepress
2009-04-09 Gary Cao- added admin email address to the environment variable...
2009-04-09 Gary Cao- Added a box for bug description
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