add chdir
[snitchaser:mainline.git] / src / arch / x86 / interp / compute_tls_offset.c
2010-09-06 Wang Nansupport SNITCHASER_SELECTION
2010-08-26 Wang Nanallow target program change args
2010-08-09 Wang Nantest_threads can be replayed
2010-08-07 Wang Nanworking on clone, update signal processing
2010-07-12 Wang Nanadd support of rt_sigprocmask
2010-07-11 Wang Nanunblock signals in syscall
2010-06-16 Wang Nanremove libpthread processing; eliminate SIGSTOP
2010-05-31 Wang Nanallow debug in handlers
2010-04-25 Wang Nanadd a 'first_branch' entry
2010-03-30 Wang Nanadd vdso syscall support
2010-03-22 Wang Nanworking on recompiler
2010-03-22 Wang Nanmove asm to xasm to make it different from kernel's asm
2010-03-21 Wang Nanrearrange code layout
2010-03-18 Wang Nanjne is rolling!!!
2010-03-18 Wang Nanbecom to write compiler
2010-03-16 Wang Nanbegin to work on logger
2010-03-15 Wang Nanbegin to write jit compiler
2010-03-15 Wang Nanadd .S support