2014-06-05 gmallardIssue #98, client fail-over fails.
2014-05-28 gmallardDo not override user specified false.
2014-05-24 gmallardFix Issue #99, default port in Client hashed open.
2014-03-27 gmallardIssue #93, part 3 of 3. Detect invalid received headers.
2014-03-27 gmallardIssue #93, part 2 of 3!. empty header values.
2014-03-26 gmallardIssue #93, part 1 of 2: empty header keys.
2014-03-19 gmallardMerge remote-tracking branch 'stompgem/dev' into dev
2014-03-19 Guy M. AllardMerge pull request #95 from richardc/MCO-196
2014-03-14 Richard ClampExplictly close the ssl socket on connection timeout
2014-03-02 gmallardDo not write an empty message body.
2013-12-08 gmallardGem version 1.3.2. v1.3.2
2013-12-08 gmallardMerge branch 'dev', release prep.
2013-12-07 Guy M. AllardMerge pull request #91 from gmallard/dev
2013-12-04 gmallardFixes from RSpec testing
2013-12-04 gmallardMerge branch 'logging' into dev
2013-12-03 gmallardClean up logger interfacing.
2013-12-03 Guy M. AllardMerge pull request #90 from gmallard/dev
2013-12-01 gmallardIssue #78, again.
2013-12-01 gmallardDo not change caller's :hosts array, try 2.
2013-12-01 gmallardExpanded list of STOMP default SSL ciphers:
2013-11-29 gmallardFix ssl => true for Ruby 1.9.x and 2.x.
2013-11-29 gmallardCopy hash params at init.
2013-11-28 gmallardSSL Fix, revert not setting default ciphers.
2013-11-28 gmallardstart_timeout and tcp_nodelay parameters:
2013-11-23 gmallardComplete revert to previous logger logic.
2013-11-23 Guy M. AllardMerge pull request #89 from gmallard/dev
2013-10-22 OrazioWE7Update README.rdoc
2013-10-19 gmallardFix TypeError on connect timeout with 1.8.x, 2.x.
2013-10-19 gmallardAnon tests assigned unique class name.
2013-10-03 Ian SmithMerge pull request #86 from stompgem/dev
2013-10-02 Ian SmithRelease 1.3.1 v1.3.1
2013-10-02 Ian SmithWrap calls to @logger methods in a conditional that...
2013-09-30 Ian SmithMerge pull request #82 from stompgem/dev
2013-09-30 Ian SmithRelease 1.3.0 v1.3.0
2013-09-30 Ian SmithMerge pull request #75 from OrazioWE7/anonymousConnections
2013-09-27 Ian SmithMerge pull request #81 from ismith/error_logging
2013-09-27 Ian SmithERROR frame handling.
2013-09-27 Ian Smithsetsocketopt wants a *boolean*, not a nil
2013-09-26 Orazio Cotroneoadopted solution discussed in forum
2013-09-26 Ian SmithIssue #78
2013-09-25 Ian SmithMerge branch 'null_logger' into dev
2013-09-25 Ian SmithAdded Stomp::Errors::StartTimeoutException
2013-09-25 Ian SmithAdd marshalling methods to Slogger.
2013-09-25 Ian SmithMerge pull request #76 from ismith/tcp_nodelay
2013-09-24 Ian SmithAdded a NullLogger, made it the default.
2013-09-23 Ian SmithBugfixes for TCP_NODELAY commit.
2013-09-23 Ian SmithTurned on the TCP_NODELAY socket option (disables Nagle...
2013-09-12 Ian SmithFix for Client#set_logger; it was setting the @connecti...
2013-09-12 Ian SmithRead receipts as UUIDs.
2013-09-12 Ian SmithAdded startup timeout, duration can be set via the...
2013-09-12 Ian SmithWhitespace cleanup
2013-09-12 Ian SmithRelease 1.12.16. v1.2.16
2013-09-12 Ian SmithMerge pull request #74 from ismith/client_params
2013-09-12 Ian SmithCleaned up some regex.
2013-09-12 Ian SmithUse Forwardable to delegate Client's parameters to...
2013-09-11 Ian SmithStomp::Client's connection's host params should be...
2013-09-08 gmallardMaintain license info in Rakefile.
2013-09-08 gmallardVersion bump.
2013-09-08 gmallardAdd user specified timeout for initial CONNECTED/ERROR...
2013-09-07 gmallardEliminate dup Timeout::timeout in ssl connect.
2013-08-23 Ian SmithMerge pull request #71 from stompgem/license_in_gemspec
2013-08-23 Ian SmithAdd license information to gemspec. This fixes #69.
2013-08-19 Ian SmithGem version 1.2.14 v1.2.14
2013-08-19 Ian SmithVersion bump.
2013-08-18 gmallardPrevent dup subscription header on re-receive.
2013-08-18 gmallardMerge branch 'master' into dev
2013-08-18 Ian SmithGem version 1.2.13 v1.2.13
2013-08-17 gmallardUnit test for 6c2c1c1, restricted for now to:
2013-08-16 Guy M. AllardMerge pull request #68 from ismith/dev
2013-08-16 Ian SmithStomp::Client#unreceive should not off-by-one max_redel...
2013-08-12 gmallardUpdate comments in SSL examples.
2013-08-12 gmallardBelated update of contributor's list.
2013-08-11 gmallardGem version 1.2.12 v1.2.12
2013-08-11 gmallardVersion bump
2013-08-11 gmallardIssue #66, failover URL regex should allow a single...
2013-08-10 gmallardIssue #65, non-word characters, login and passcode.
2013-08-10 gmallardRemove extraneous private declarations.
2013-08-09 gmallardSquelch warning during unit tests.
2013-08-09 gmallardIssue #63, fast spurious fail overs.
2013-08-09 gmallardProper cleanup when not reliable and EOF from broker
2013-08-09 Guy M. AllardMerge pull request #67 from chirino/master
2013-08-07 Hiram ChirinoThe SSL hostname so that SSL SNI based proxies can...
2013-08-03 gmallardIssue #63, nil client message, rapid AMQ restarts
2013-07-30 gmallardCorrect long hidden test problem with RabbitMQ.
2013-07-30 gmallardEnhance JRuby support in unit tests.
2013-07-29 Ian SmithFix infinite loop when max_reconnect_attempts is reached.
2013-07-28 gmallardGem version 1.2.11. See CHANGELOG for details. v1.2.11
2013-07-28 gmallardTest connection ack/abort reworkfor protocol 1.2.
2013-07-27 gmallardJRuby environment changes:
2013-07-27 gmallardVersion bump.
2013-07-25 gmallardMake ACK test more representative.
2013-07-24 gmallardRemove test restriction for Rabbit testing.
2013-07-12 gmallardFix issue #58, nil message on AMQ shutdown.
2013-07-08 gmallardGem version 1.2.10. See CHANGELOG for details. v1.2.10
2013-06-26 gmallardDetect nil?/EOF on HB read, failover if reliable.
2013-06-20 gmallardAdd notes on use of heartbeats.
2013-05-20 gmallardSet sync_close to true for SSL connection.
2013-05-19 gmallardUpdate SSL use case examples.
2013-05-18 gmallardChange comparison operator for more clarity.
2013-05-18 gmallardUpdate spec tests with new parameters.