2013-08-18 Ian SmithGem version 1.2.13 v1.2.13
2013-08-16 Guy M. AllardMerge pull request #68 from ismith/dev
2013-08-16 Ian SmithStomp::Client#unreceive should not off-by-one max_redel...
2013-08-12 gmallardUpdate comments in SSL examples.
2013-08-12 gmallardBelated update of contributor's list.
2013-08-11 gmallardGem version 1.2.12 v1.2.12
2013-08-11 gmallardVersion bump
2013-08-11 gmallardIssue #66, failover URL regex should allow a single...
2013-08-10 gmallardIssue #65, non-word characters, login and passcode.
2013-08-10 gmallardRemove extraneous private declarations.
2013-08-09 gmallardSquelch warning during unit tests.
2013-08-09 gmallardIssue #63, fast spurious fail overs.
2013-08-09 gmallardProper cleanup when not reliable and EOF from broker
2013-08-09 Guy M. AllardMerge pull request #67 from chirino/master
2013-08-07 Hiram ChirinoThe SSL hostname so that SSL SNI based proxies can...
2013-08-03 gmallardIssue #63, nil client message, rapid AMQ restarts
2013-07-30 gmallardCorrect long hidden test problem with RabbitMQ.
2013-07-30 gmallardEnhance JRuby support in unit tests.
2013-07-29 Ian SmithFix infinite loop when max_reconnect_attempts is reached.
2013-07-28 gmallardGem version 1.2.11. See CHANGELOG for details. v1.2.11
2013-07-28 gmallardTest connection ack/abort reworkfor protocol 1.2.
2013-07-27 gmallardJRuby environment changes:
2013-07-27 gmallardVersion bump.
2013-07-25 gmallardMake ACK test more representative.
2013-07-24 gmallardRemove test restriction for Rabbit testing.
2013-07-12 gmallardFix issue #58, nil message on AMQ shutdown.
2013-07-08 gmallardGem version 1.2.10. See CHANGELOG for details. v1.2.10
2013-06-26 gmallardDetect nil?/EOF on HB read, failover if reliable.
2013-06-20 gmallardAdd notes on use of heartbeats.
2013-05-20 gmallardSet sync_close to true for SSL connection.
2013-05-19 gmallardUpdate SSL use case examples.
2013-05-18 gmallardChange comparison operator for more clarity.
2013-05-18 gmallardUpdate spec tests with new parameters.
2013-05-18 gmallardAdd missed comment about new HB read lock parameter.
2013-05-18 gmallardTweak callback logger used in unit tests.
2013-05-18 gmallardTweak callback logger example.
2013-05-18 gmallardRetry new connection on HB read lock obtain fail.
2013-05-17 gmallardAdd exception handling to heartbeat reader.
2013-05-15 gmallardCorrect another case where fail over host is not switch...
2013-05-15 gmallardRetry new connection when HB read fails. First cut:
2013-05-14 gmallardRetry new connection when HB send fails.
2013-05-13 gmallardConsolidate logic that prepares for a reconnect retry.
2013-05-13 gmallardOn connect retry, kill any pre-existing HB ticker threads.
2013-05-13 gmallardCorrect failover error: failing host is immediately...
2013-05-12 gmallardVersion bump. Will happen eventually.
2013-05-11 gmallardDefensive coding against @socket.nil?
2013-05-11 gmallardAddress issue #57
2013-04-11 gmallardFix Issue #56, missing id header.
2013-04-11 gmallardAdd additional callback logger method support.
2013-03-28 gmallardGem version 1.2.9. See CHANGELOG for details. v1.2.9
2013-03-27 gmallardManually revert Gemfile add commit d7d3ad0. Please:
2013-03-16 Guy M. AllardMerge pull request #53 from glennr/gr_gemfile
2013-03-16 Guy M. AllardMerge pull request #54 from glennr/gr_cosmetic_fixes
2013-03-14 glennradd gemfile
2013-03-14 glennrcosmetic: refactor long constructor method
2013-03-14 glennrfix confusing test/user params in readme
2013-02-24 gmallardFix test source encoding under Ruby 2.0.0p0.
2013-02-23 gmallardAdd regression test for suppress content length with...
2013-02-23 gmallardFix content length test broken by 774df62.
2013-02-22 gmallardIssue #50 for Stomp::Client instances on reconnects.
2013-02-22 Guy M. AllardMerge pull request #52 from jphastings/master
2013-02-20 JP Hastings... Adheres to the :suppress_content_length => true command...
2013-02-20 JP Hastings... Fix reference in documentation to client.send => client...
2012-12-29 gmallardGem version 1.2.8. See CHANGELOG.rdoc for details v1.2.8
2012-12-24 gmallardTests use require_relative when possible.
2012-12-24 gmallardClean up 1.1+ tests.
2012-12-24 gmallardMore enhanced codec tests.
2012-12-24 gmallardIssue disconnect in tests which do not use the connecti...
2012-12-24 gmallardEnhance codec tests.
2012-12-23 gmallardFix inverted header encode / decode logic.
2012-11-05 gmallardClarify method calls with parens.
2012-11-05 gmallardClarify miscellaneous error messages for caller.
2012-11-02 gmallardGem Version 1.2.7. See CHANGELOG.rdoc for details. v1.2.7
2012-11-02 gmallardChange duplicate test names and AMQ multiheader behavior.
2012-10-31 gmallardEnhance tests: check for ERROR frame at end where...
2012-10-30 gmallardAdjust rspec tests for CRLF support.
2012-10-30 gmallardInitial support for optional use of CRLF line ends...
2012-10-30 gmallardAdjust transaction / ack tests for current 1.2 broker...
2012-10-30 gmallardCorrect unsubscribe headers.
2012-10-24 gmallardCorrect rspec tests after Stomp 1.2 changes.
2012-10-24 gmallardAdd stompconn to default parameters.
2012-10-24 gmallardReinitialize reconnect_delay on a successful reconnect.
2012-10-21 gmallardAllow optional use of STOMP rather than CONNECT for...
2012-10-21 gmallardACK/NACK support for Stomp 1.2 in Stomp::Client
2012-10-21 gmallardACK/NACK support for Stomp 1.2 in Stomp::Connection
2012-10-20 gmallardIgnore temp files.
2012-10-20 gmallardChange test environment variable to better support...
2012-10-20 gmallardCodec support for value encodings required in STOMP 1.2
2012-10-13 gmallardIgnore backup files.
2012-10-13 gmallardBelatedly commit latest gemspec.
2012-09-19 gmallardGem version 1.2.6. See changelog for details. v1.2.6
2012-09-13 gmallardRemove duplicate method from test logger.
2012-09-13 gmallardOn heartbeat send expection, reraise only if requested.
2012-09-13 gmallardCover ssl.connect with connection timeout.
2012-09-13 gmallardVersion bump and gemspec.
2012-09-10 gmallardMake esoteric methods private. Public API cleanup.
2012-09-10 gmallardRemove methods that merely invoke __send__.
2012-09-10 gmallardProvide the ability to disable raises of NoCurrentConne...
2012-09-10 gmallardRemove unused instance variable.
2012-09-10 gmallardUpdate README per current work.