2010-01-24 William Morganbump version numbers release-0.10.1
2010-01-24 William Morganadd sup-convert-ferret-index to manifest
2010-01-23 Rich Laneasciify untrusted strings before displaying in TextMode
2010-01-23 Rich Lanexapian: add boolean terms with zero wdf
2010-01-23 Rich Lanefix ask_for_contacts on Ruby 1.9
2010-01-22 William Morganadd library version check to sup-add and sup-config
2010-01-22 William Morganupdate changelog, releasenotes, etc for 0.10 changes
2010-01-20 Eric Shermankeep cursor on current thread when threads are added...
2010-01-20 William MorganMerge branch 'xapian-name-email'
2010-01-20 William MorganMerge branch 'insta-save'
2010-01-20 William MorganMerge branch 'ruby-1.9-encoding'
2010-01-20 William Morganminor tweak of sup-sync output
2010-01-18 William Morganfix up crummy library checking code
2010-01-18 William Morganadd --force option to sup-convert-ferret-index
2010-01-18 William Morganmake all bin/* scripts check sup library version
2010-01-17 Israel Herraizmake '$' call
2010-01-17 William Morganuse 'wb', 'rb' and 'ab' modes instead of open_binary
2010-01-17 William MorganMerge branch 'ferret-deprecation'
2010-01-17 William Morganset XAPIAN_FLUSH_THRESHOLD to 1000
2010-01-14 Rich Lanecall index.load in sup-add
2010-01-14 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/list-post-improvements'; branch...
2010-01-05 Anthony Martinezmake the undo hooks also save the threads
2010-01-05 William MorganFile.open_binary should pass through any block
2010-01-05 Rich Laneonly open mail files in binary mode on Ruby 1.9
2010-01-05 Anthony Martinezfix up options for sup-sync-back, tweak-labels
2010-01-05 Rich Laneimplement const_missing for Index
2010-01-05 Rich Laneimplement String#each on Ruby 1.9 for lockfile
2010-01-05 Rich Laneadd console commands to get/set loglevel
2010-01-05 Eric Shermanconfigurable poll interval
2010-01-05 Anthony Martinezundoing read_and_archive should preserve unread state
2010-01-05 Anthony Martinezpunctuate "No new messages." consistently between poll...
2010-01-05 William Morganchange transcode warning to a debug message
2010-01-05 Rich Lanexapian: translate from/to query term prefixes to search...
2010-01-03 William Morganadd Xapian flush message
2010-01-03 Eric Shermankill buffers in buffer-list-mode with "X"
2010-01-03 Anthony Martinezsup-convert-ferret-index: require xapian gem before...
2010-01-03 Anthony Martinezmove the mark-as-spam hook so it runs on all tagged...
2010-01-03 Rich Laneforce binary encoding before parsing decrypted messages
2010-01-03 Eric Shermanfixed am/pm display for ruby 1.8 darwin
2010-01-03 Rich Laneruby 1.9: expect nil start_offset when an MBox::Loader...
2010-01-03 Rich Lanexapian: respect :skip_killed in each_message_in_thread_for
2010-01-03 Rich Laneruby 1.9: use String#ord in ask_getch and ask_yes_or_no
2010-01-03 William Morganadd sup-convert-ferret-index script
2010-01-03 William Morgantrivial tweak to sup-config help output
2010-01-03 William Morganadd an --index option to everything in bin/
2010-01-03 William Morganhave Index.init take an argument specifying the index...
2010-01-02 William Morganadd warnings about ferret deprecation
2010-01-02 William Morganadd Index#is_a_deprecated_ferret_index?
2010-01-01 Rich Lanedecode header fields of enclosed messages
2010-01-01 Rich Laneuse header from the RMail::Message in Message#parse_header
2010-01-01 Rich Lanedecode raw header/message to ascii before viewing
2010-01-01 Rich Lanetranscode output from mime-decode hook too
2010-01-01 Rich Laneadd String#transcode
2010-01-01 Rich Lanefixup Iconv#easy_decode for Ruby 1.9
2010-01-01 Rich Laneadd String#ascii
2010-01-01 Rich Laneadd String#check
2010-01-01 Rich Lanedisplay_size is just size on Ruby 1.9
2010-01-01 Rich Laneopen mail source files as binary
2009-12-31 Rich Lanexapian: replace DocumentMethods module with plain monke...
2009-12-31 Rich Lanexapian: do less work for update_message_state
2009-12-31 William MorganMerge branches 'thread-joining-fix', 'no-mailcap-on...
2009-12-31 Rich Laneforce the index sync thread to give up the cpu
2009-12-31 Rich Laneimmediate thread indexing
2009-12-31 Rich Laneasync thread indexing
2009-12-31 Rich Lanefactor saving out of thread/message classes
2009-12-31 Eric Shermanadded colorized dates in thread-index-mode
2009-12-31 Eric Shermanfixed a typo in parse_header
2009-12-31 Tero Tilussup-add: reuse old account info with --force-account
2009-12-31 Tero Tilusmake sup-tweak-labels work as advertised with no source...
2009-12-31 William Morganchange chronic missing message to be similar to that...
2009-12-31 William Morganremove vestigal curses require
2009-12-31 Rich Lanetry loading ncursesw
2009-12-26 William Morgandetect x-mailing-list headers for list addresses
2009-12-26 William Morganfix list-post header munging
2009-12-21 William Morganbugfix for default attachment save dir
2009-12-19 William Morganadd Maildir#filename_for_id
2009-12-19 William Morganupdate error message to point to bug tracker
2009-12-19 William Morganbugfix: wrapping crashed when defaulting to current... toggle-line-wrap
2009-12-19 William Morganmake 'w' toggle line wrapping in thread-view-mode
2009-12-11 William Morganupdate release script to include gemcutter publishing
2009-12-11 William Morganupdate changelog etc to 0.9.1
2009-11-27 Rich LaneMerge branch 'config-ask-for-to'
2009-11-27 Rich Lanemakes compose-mode and forward-mode ask_for_contacts...
2009-11-27 Rich LaneMerge branch 'textfield-tweaks'
2009-11-27 Steven WalterImplement C-W for textfields
2009-11-27 Rich LaneMerge branch 'decode-attachment-filenames'
2009-11-27 Tero TilusRFC 2047 decode attachment file names
2009-11-21 Rich LaneMerge branch 'config-ask-for-to'
2009-11-21 Rich Lanedefault ask_for_to to true
2009-11-20 Rich LaneMerge branch 'thread-view-mode-undo'
2009-11-20 Andrew Pimlottcreate undo records in thread view
2009-11-20 Rich LaneMerge branch 'xapian-comment-fix'
2009-11-20 Ingmar VanhasselComment tweak, XapianIndex doesn't use GDBM anymore...
2009-11-20 Rich LaneMerge branch 'date-format-fix'
2009-11-20 William Erik... Correct AM/PM selector in DATE_FORMAT.
2009-11-20 Cameron MathesonMake sup's textfield behave more like readline
2009-11-12 Rich LaneMerge branch 'config-ask-for-to'
2009-11-12 Rich LaneMerge branch 'display-poll-labels'
2009-11-12 Peter Harkinsdisplay labels of polled messages
2009-11-12 Peter Harkinsissue6: Added ask_for_to to match _cc, _bcc, and _subject.