2010-03-07 Rich LaneMerge branch 'master' into release-0.11 release-0.11 release-0.11
2010-03-07 Rich Laneupdate contributors
2010-03-07 Rich Lanebump version to 0.11
2010-03-07 Rich LaneUpdate changelog/etc for 0.11
2010-03-07 Rich LaneMerge branch 'sup-cmd'
2010-03-07 Rich LaneMerge branch 'fix-utf8'
2010-03-07 Rich LaneMerge branch 'mentions-attachments-hook'
2010-03-07 Rich LaneMerge branch 'publish-hook'
2010-03-07 Rich LaneMerge branch 'keybindings'
2010-03-07 Rich LaneMerge branch 'highlights'
2010-03-07 Rich LaneMerge branch 'idle'
2010-03-07 Rich LaneMerge branch 'date-widget-hook'
2010-03-07 Rich LaneMerge branch 'textfield-tweaks'
2010-03-07 Rich LaneMerge branch 'ferret-removal'
2010-03-07 Rich LaneMerge branch 'remote-source-deprecation'
2010-03-05 Rich Laneruby 1.9 textfield fixes textfield-tweaks
2010-03-04 Rich Lanepromote missing ncursesw log to info
2010-03-04 Rich Lanechange gem dependency from ncursesw to ncurses
2010-03-04 Rich LaneObject#tap backport
2010-03-02 Rich Lanefix textfield history
2010-03-02 Rich Lanetextfield home/end keys
2010-03-01 Rich Lanesupport older ncurses gems without opts_off
2010-03-01 Rich Laneimplement sup-cmd using existing Index apis sup-cmd
2010-02-28 Michael Hamannseveral XapianIndex renaming fixes ferret-removal
2010-02-28 Rich Lanedeprecate imap and mbox+ssh sources remote-source-deprecation
2010-02-28 Rich Laneremove ferret and index choice code
2010-02-28 Rich Laneforce UTF8 on strings read from ask and account names... fix-utf8
2010-02-28 Rich Lanereplace RE_UTF8 with backport of String#ascii_only?
2010-02-27 Michael StapelbergBugfix: Don’t call Ncurses.getch when in shell_out...
2010-02-27 Daniel SchoepeAdded crypto-settings hook
2010-02-27 Rich Laneforgot to add idle.rb idle
2010-02-27 Michael StapelbergAdd hook gpg-args to allow the user to add/remove flags
2010-02-27 Anthony Martinezin thread-view-mode, doubling up on the multi-keys...
2010-02-27 Daniel SchoepeAdd config option to limit text wrapping width
2010-02-27 Tero TilusMake automatic jumping to first/next open message confi...
2010-02-27 Tero TilusPublishing hook publish-hook
2010-02-27 Tero Tilusindex-mode-date-widget hook for rendering dates in... date-widget-hook
2010-02-27 Tero Tilusmentions-attachments hook to detect missing attachments mentions-attachments-hook
2010-02-27 Eric Shermanflush index on idle
2010-02-27 Eric Shermanpoll updates accumulate while idle
2010-02-27 Eric Shermanidle and unidle updates
2010-02-27 Rich Lanedont restrict colors to those in Colormap::DEFAULT_COLORS highlights
2010-02-27 Rich Laneconfigurable color highlights
2010-02-27 Eric Shermanshow (recipients) instead of lone "me"
2010-02-27 Eric Shermanprevent "year too big to marshal" crashes
2010-02-27 Michael Stapelbergcatch xapian query parser exceptions and display them...
2010-02-27 Rich Lanefix textfield truncation
2010-02-27 Rich Lanedont check thread-index-mode dirtiness on every keypress
2010-02-27 Rich Laneenable ruby-prof with SUP_PROFILE environment variable
2010-02-27 Rich Lanekeybindings hook
2010-02-27 Rich Laneadd keymap rebinding support
2010-02-27 Rich Lanemake mode keymap easily accessible to hooks
2010-02-27 Rich Laneclean up diff between master and next
2010-02-27 Rich LaneMerge commit 'mainline/saved-search'
2010-02-27 Rich LaneMerge commit 'mainline/xapian-updates'
2010-02-27 Rich LaneMerge commit 'mainline/colors'
2010-01-26 William Morganupdate changelog, etc for 0.10.2
2010-01-26 Ben Waltonconditionally define Fixnum#ord
2010-01-26 William Morganupdate gem dependencies
2010-01-26 Rich Lanefix missing parentheses warning
2010-01-25 Rich Lanefix participants queries
2010-01-24 William Morganupdate webpage to reference 0.10.1
2010-01-24 William Morganadd sup-convert-ferret-index to manifest
2010-01-23 Eric Shermanadd saved search support
2010-01-23 Rich Laneasciify untrusted strings before displaying in TextMode
2010-01-23 Rich Lanetrivial index format upgrade
2010-01-23 Rich Laneid query prefix synonym for msgid
2010-01-23 Rich Laneindex email addresses as text
2010-01-23 Rich Lanedont index redundant data
2010-01-23 Rich Lanexapian: add boolean terms with zero wdf
2010-01-23 Rich Lanefix ask_for_contacts on Ruby 1.9
2010-01-22 William Morganadd library version check to sup-add and sup-config
2010-01-22 William Morganupdate changelog, releasenotes, etc for 0.10 changes
2010-01-20 Eric Shermankeep cursor on current thread when threads are added...
2010-01-20 William MorganMerge branch 'xapian-name-email'
2010-01-20 William MorganMerge branch 'insta-save'
2010-01-20 William MorganMerge branch 'ruby-1.9-encoding'
2010-01-20 William Morganminor tweak of sup-sync output
2010-01-18 William Morganfix up crummy library checking code
2010-01-18 William Morganadd --force option to sup-convert-ferret-index
2010-01-18 William Morganmake all bin/* scripts check sup library version
2010-01-17 Israel Herraizmake '$' call
2010-01-17 William Morganuse 'wb', 'rb' and 'ab' modes instead of open_binary
2010-01-17 William MorganMerge branch 'ferret-deprecation'
2010-01-17 William Morganset XAPIAN_FLUSH_THRESHOLD to 1000
2010-01-14 Rich Lanecall index.load in sup-add
2010-01-14 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/list-post-improvements'; branch...
2010-01-05 Anthony Martinezmake the undo hooks also save the threads
2010-01-05 William MorganFile.open_binary should pass through any block
2010-01-05 Rich Laneonly open mail files in binary mode on Ruby 1.9
2010-01-05 Anthony Martinezfix up options for sup-sync-back, tweak-labels
2010-01-05 Rich Laneimplement const_missing for Index
2010-01-05 Rich Laneimplement String#each on Ruby 1.9 for lockfile
2010-01-05 Rich Laneadd console commands to get/set loglevel
2010-01-05 Eric Shermanconfigurable poll interval
2010-01-05 Anthony Martinezundoing read_and_archive should preserve unread state
2010-01-05 Anthony Martinezpunctuate "No new messages." consistently between poll...
2010-01-05 William Morganchange transcode warning to a debug message
2010-01-05 Rich Laneadd a mouse-enabled colorpicker to contrib
2010-01-05 Rich Laneadd keybinding 'Oc' to reload colors